6.10: Cure


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Feb 22, 2001
An alien world offers Earth a medicine with the power to cure any illness -- but the hidden price may be too high to pay.
i think this is where Aegeria shows up. or some version of the tokra queen
Written by Damiam Kindler.
SG1 makes first contact with another race that isn't far behind
earth in its technology, although this race has never left their own
world. The SGC is willing to bargain gate codes for something of
which the aliens quickly offer: tretonin, a medicine that offers
immunity to all illnesses.
As Jonas and Teal'c investigate ruins on that planet, they are
introduced to Dr. Zenna, the resident Stargate 'expert', who in turn
tries to warn them about the tretonin. Obviously something wrong is
afoot when it's discovered that a key element to making the tretonin
is Gou'ald symbiotes, which the aliens raise pretty much raise like
salmon on a fish farm.
The drug, however, has a high price that is slowly revealed,
and the aliens need a new 'queen' Gou'ald to replace their dying one.
However, their present one possesses a shocking secret (their Gou'ald
is actually a Tok'ra).
Note: Tretonin is Retin-A <G>
Sos Elyse, I forgot to write the address underneath
wasn't trying to nick your spoilers


I'm not out for blood :eek:

I guess because I have had info 'nicked' from one of my sites before (the gory story is too long before) I do tend to want the source posted. So, no hard feelings.

I also think sources (no matter where it's from) are invaluable in case you need to trace something down to the beginning, especially if things change, and the spoilers have a habit of changing every once in a while :D
ohh, WHY don't I get season 6 yet?!?! WHY WHY WHY!!! ALl the good eps sound like they are in S6!:(
I don't get the either, do you know when they are starting on Sky one? I've been downloading the eppies off of Kazaa though and am pretty much caught up with the new eps.

I hope that Cure is a good eppie.
but it probably will be seen as the other season 6 eppies have been pretty good so far!
The Cure

Opens on a planet, folks are getting ready to meet aliens for the first time. The gate opens, sg-1 comes through. The aliens are ready to meet earth's most trusted negotiator and respected person. Jack goes 'howdy folks'
They go inside, nice meeting hall. They want to talk about mutual interests. The sgc made contact last month. They know what the gate is but can't figure out gate addys. The people intend to allow SG-1 full access so sg-1 can trust them. They want to trade. They give jack a bottle of purple liquid. Tritonan. It's their greatest scientific discovery. They've evidentially been talking; they know that earth folks suffer from illnesses, unlike them, who live in perfect health.


At the dig site, Jonas and Teal'c are nosing around. Zena Polick is supervisor of the project. She wants to show them around. They discovered their gate 100 years ago. They found ruins.
In the conference room
The tritonan has side effects, they vary by person. Sam asks for samples. They trade them 10 addys for the bottle.
The aliens however want certain addys, 3 of them are classified off limits, goa'uld home worlds. Their planet used to be ruled by goa'uld. They want to visit goa'uld worlds. Jack says, you don't want to go there. But if you've (earth) has been there and survived, why can't we. In exchange for the tritonan, they want goa'uld addys.

At the site

They find an underground tunnel, probably used for escape from the temple. The planet was once ruled by Shakran. Pops defeated him 300 years ago. Pengar was once ruled by Shakran. The woman doesn't want the security forces to hear her talking. She wants to tell them something about tritonan.

Still at the site, T & J tell S & J that something is up. Jack tells the boys to keep digging, s&j head back with the sample.

Later that day, Jonas comes back, with his notebook to talk to the woman. She doesn't remember that she wants to talk to them. Someone must have got to her.


On Pengar
Teal'c and Jonas are still hanging at the site. Sneaking around a bit, slipping into a tent.
Jonas finds books and letters. Zina is on tritonan herself. Jonas wants to go see where folks get their injections. He found a map of the city and wants to go look. It's night, Jonas and Teal'c sneaking around. They're in a lab, lots of little liquid filled bottles. And a water tank. Something's swimming in it. Goa'uld symbiotes, Teal'c can sense them. There's a lot. They get caught. Jonas falls into the vat. A snake goes after Jonas. The other guy gets pulled under. They pull him out, he's a host. Teal'c goes to shoot him. The aliens pull their weapons on Teal'c.

The next day
The pentars want to know what they were doing snooping around. Jack wants to know what they're doing with symbiotes. The symbiotes are a vital component in the tretonan. The pentar use them to make the drug, have been using them for over 30 years. Sg-1 wants to know how they got snakes if they don't use the gate.

In a facility
Walking down a hall. They're breeding symbiotes. They have a goa'uld queen.

In a medical facility
The snaked guy is sorta in a coma. Jaffa were created to make the blending work better. The pentar goa'uld are not incubated. The symbiotes of the pentar seem to be a blank slate. Sam suggests that they call in the Tok'ra. Jack agrees.

At the site.
Jonas goes to see Zina. Jonas admits that he looked through her stuff. She knows. She's glad he did. Tretonan isn't available to everyone, just a privileged few. She asks him to help her finish her translations.

At the med site.
The Tok'ra are there, Malek and a woman called Kelma. They don't know why the symbiote isn't working. It's acting like it's immature. The queen chooses to pass on her knowledge to her children.

To the lab
The queen is old, she's been breeding symbiotes for 25 years or so. Symbiote queens can reproduce asexually. The Tok'ra aren't bothered that the pangarans are using the queen. They don't mind her using the goa'uld queen, especially as the goa'uld have done no worse. The queen is dying.


At the sgc
The tretonan may cure stuff. But it acts like a symbiote. It creates a healing effect. But once you take it, you HAVE to take it. They sucked the queen dry, doc.
They can't make enough. Anyone who's taking it will eventually die.

Meeting room
Jack suggests that they want goa'uld addys to snag another queen.
60 years ago they found a sealed canopic jar with the queen in it. They knew how the goa'uld healed diseases. They knew there were negative effects, but still kept using it. They need to confront the goa'uld or tens of thousands of their people will die. They ask for jack's help. Jack says no. Sam says what they need to do is get them off the drug. They need more time, Sam suggests more help.

At the dig
Zina knows she'll die when they run out of the drug. Her father found the jar. His discovery will eventually doom his people. The temple mentions Ra. Ra used to live on the planet.

At a lab
The Tok'ra will examine the drug. They might be able to make an antidote. The Tok'ra 'owe' earth, they'll start working on it.

At the site
Writings suggest that it was a prison or tomb for Ra's enemies. Shakron captured it from Ra. The Queen is Egeria. Mommy of the Tok'ra. The Pangerans have been breeding Tok'ra not goa'uld. D'oh!


Jonas and Teal'c tell Sam and jack. To quote jack…this could be a problem. Shakron captured the planet centuries after Ra imprisoned her. The real question…do we tell the Tok'ra? Jack says, yes.

They tell the Tok'ra. They never dare hoped that that they'd find Egeria despite the rumors.
Sam says they'd have a stronger case if the Tok'ra had something to offer. They've run into trouble. There's a gene that's messing things up. They have little hope in finding an antidote.

In the chamber.
Sam says we need to give her to the Tok'ra. The Tok'ra are a dying race. If they can get the queen back, they have some hope.

In the lab
Kelma zats her way in. and looks at Egeria.

They're still arguing

Security at the lab has been breeched. Kelma's snake leaves her so her host can host Egeria.

Jack and Sam have words about the Tok'ra. She sympathizes with them, their leader has been abused for years. Jack says…we are just a nice place to live for them. And they have just doomed part of a race to die (by taking Egeria from the Pangerans, tens of thousands of them will die)
Someone comes to the door, Egeria is awake.


Kelma is awake, but it was all in vain. Egeria will die. The host has shared the Tok'ra memories with Egeria. She's beyond proud. She says the mistake was hers.

To the site.
Jonas goes to talk to Zina. He shares his story of naquadira and how his people used their gift to make a bomb. Her people had good intentions. She's not afraid to die, but afraid that her people won't learn from their mistakes.

At the medical place
Egeria purposefully passed on the flawed gene in a hope of saving her children. She was hoping that they'd stop experimenting on her children. But she did not mean to doom a whole race. She knows how to fix the flaw. And she will tell them.
The salvation of the Pangerans shall be her final act.

She dies and her body is taken back to the Tok'ra. Malek says he'll have a prototype of the antidote soon.

And they go home.

Next Friday
Colonel q is back and I'd swear his eyes glowed!!!
if you've seen the eps, there is one big question...how the heck is there enough room in a normal female body for that much symbiote??? i mean egeria looked to be like 20 pounds worth of tokra.
Maybe she was actually no bigger than a regular gouald but she was so big b/c she produces the gouald larve. Kind of like the abdoman of an ant that is swollen with eggs.

Just a thought!!!
Hathor was a queen...I wonder why Egeria was so much different from her as well!
I thought that the gouald symbiote on the ground was the Tokra that had sacraficed itself for the queen.
I thought the Queen resembled a snale (sp?). Jonas and Teal'c together investigating is somewhat of a view.

Falcon Horus ;)
I liked this episode.

I was a little concerned when that doctor seemed to be showing 'interest' in Jonas, that it would be a trite 'love interest' ep - but that didn't happen, so I was relieved at that.

Then there was the twist with the Tok'ra queen -- too bad she couldn't stick around - that could have been interesting --

(and do you have any idea how difficult it is to type about an episode when your neice is standing next to you saying strange things in that little 2-yr-old language they have?)

Basically -- I'll be back a little later to comment further -:D
I agree...I think I liked this episode more than any other so far this season.

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