6.09: Allegiance

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... one thing no one said is why don't they expand more on Jonas' alieness. One of the great things about Teal'c is that he isn't human. Why isn't Jonas more alien? He has this photographic memory -- that is a fantastic power to have, and very useful -- why is it never of any use to the team?

I've mentioned the lack of alien quality to JQ in other threads and forums. He seems like a real nice fellow -- someone said elsewhere that JQ is just like anyone you'd expect to meet at Walmart :D and I agree. His gestures and idiomatic speech are way too American, even for a quick study with eidetic memory.

Other than not understanding the reference to "cross your fingers" in Redemption, I've seen almost nothing that suggests that JQ is an alien. When he manages to observe minute details that have been lost on the rest of the team, Jack and Sam should be shaking their heads in wonder ("How does he do THAT?")

Instead, they treat him just like any other guy you'd expect to meet in Walmart. :D
I liked this one too! I think we should give credit to the creators when it's due.
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It had action, adventure, it advanced earlier plot lines and all in all was a thoroughly enjoyable ep. It felt like a real stargate episode, not a rehash of a movie or old X-Files show.

We can't ask for more stories like this, then knock them when we get them.

I see Jack is back to picking up 'Big Honkin' weapons again!
Yes, I liked this ep, it showed us a side to the 'allies' we've never really seen before, it sets the way quite well. I think the end could have been slightly better, but that's me being picky, I really enjoyed this one.

More of the same for S6 and S7! :)
I am sorry, but booooorrrrinnnngg.

I cannot believe I am saying this about an episode that is a) off world b) has a relatively exciting action sequence, c) manages to include several of my favourite characters and d)actually expand on some of the major plotlines (i.e. Jaffa-Tokra relationship).

I just found the pace to be slow, and the story to be quite uninvolving. I like the new Tok'ra fella, but no doubt he will be offed in a few eps :rolleyes: - actually wait, they will give us just enough more of him for us to start really liking him, THEN they'll off him.

I mean, during Jack's big honkin gun sequence where he does a revolution in slow motion, I was seriously wondering if the only reason it was in slow motion was to pad the ep out so that it filled the obligatory 44mins.

Feeling quite negative tonight, so I might feel more kindly towards this one on repeated viewing.
Yet again SG1 was blown out of the water by its Odyssey 5 running mate.
I'm surprised Jack didn't hit anyone...else with his big honkin' gun...
Uhuh, me too - there were several bits where people were firing off at the invisible thing and I was thinking it was a wonder no one else was perforated.
for me it was like a movie I saw once where everyone serounded on guy (I thing it was Dances with Wolves) & shot at once. Wouldn't anyone have hit who ever was on the oposite side of the circle? I guess one shot to a Jaffa or Tok're wouldn't matter since they have their little snakes...but then lately it seems one shot is all you need to off a fully armered surpant guard
Ok i'm tired so i'm gonna keep this simple -

- I like Jonas. Jonas/Corin = hot, but by no means do i miss Daniel any less.

- Thought the ep was quite amusing - loved it when they all got their guns out at the same time and then when they put them away you could hear the clicking going on forever *g*

- New Tok'Ra guy = fit, but better not get too attached like Tab said cos o' course he's bound to die soon :rolleyes:

- I remember Jack getting a look about something to do with Sam and the fit Tok'Ra guy, but cant remember what it was? Anyone know where i can get the script?

- Loved it when Jack got the big honkin gun out and started firing...and then told everyone to drop down :rolleyes: i think, or everyone dropped as he started firing? Anyways cant remember :rolleyes:

I loved this ep. It was great. My favorite ep so far out of season 6. Don't know why I liked it, just did.
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