6.09: Allegiance


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Feb 22, 2001
Tensions rise between Earth's allies when the SGC's offworld base becomes a refuge to the Tok'ra and rebel Jaffa.
your wish is my command <G>


The gate is open, bodies on the ground, we hear shouts, Fraiser is triaging the wounded. We see Tok'ra fleeing….we're at the alpha site. One of them comes through, bringing a box. A Jaffa comes forward, the Tok'ra pushes him aside. It is revealed that he's brought a zatarc detector.
Jake finally makes it (yes, we get Bra'tac, Rak'nor, AND Jacob <G>)…he disabled the dhd on the planet, Risa I think. He set off a bomb equivalent to a nuke. Says noone is following them, and that noone knows the addy to the alpha site. Apparently this is a secret even the Tok'ra in general don't know.
The Tok'ra were set upon by the forces of nuby. Aknor, chief of Tok'ra security. Less than ¼ of the Tok'ra have made it.
Malek is surprised at the number of Jaffa. Sam tells him that there are a lot here, have been since yu's attack. There are also hundreds more acting like a fifth column among the goa'uld.
There is obvious tension between the Tok'ra and Jaffa


At the alpha site. ,memorial service for the Tok'ra. They destroy the bodies by opening the gate and vaporizing them. A small fight breaks out between a Tok'ra and a Jaffa. The Jaffa see the Tok'ra as no better than the goa'uld. Jack breaks it up.
Jack tells the Tok'ra that if it wasn't for the Jaffa, the Tok'ra should be dead. The Tok'ra say that 'we've been fighting them longer than you have'
Sam tells jack that the Tok'ra have problems with their quarters. Jack says to tell them if they don't like it, leave. Sam goes, do you really want me to tell them that….yes….no. ok I'll do it.

Jack and Jake talk. Kanan used jack, breaking Tok'ra law. Jake regrets that jack never had a true blending; it might have changed his feelings about the Tok'ra. The blending of two personalities does have its drawbacks..tell me about it. Jack hates the word implanted. Even Selmac was sickened by what Kanan did. But Kanan did a wrong, trying to do the right thing. They have a lovely talk. Jack likes Jake…but not the other Tok'ra.
Jake can see that the animosity is history. The Tok'ra just got their butts kicked by a bunch of Jaffa of anubis'..see why they're not in a good mood. There is word/thought that the end of the Tok'ra is coming.

The next morning
Sam briefs jack that someone rigged one of the naquadah reactors to explode. They have a saboteur. Sam babbles, jack cuts her off. The reactor can create damage miles in circumference.
Jack suggests that they need to lock down the gate, keep the bad guy on world. Jonas is back at the sgc and can't come play.

Jack tells everyone that they have to stay. We have a saboteur and have to find him. They chose the alpha site because it's addy is unknown to the goa'uld…and it has to stay that way. Jack wants to question the Tok'ra first, because there wasn't trouble until they came. They want to use the zatarc detector as a lie detector

To the zatarc detector.
Malek is being tested, he passes. The Jaffa will need to be tested, Bra'tac asks jack if he trusts the Tok'ra totally, jack says, no, but enough to be tested too.
Teal'c breaks up a little fight…and we find a dead Tok'ra.


They question the Jaffa the dead Tok'ra had words with. They want to zatarc him, he doesn't trust the Tok'ra machine. Bra'tac convinces him. He fails. But they don't know if he failed because he killed the guy, or because he was simply hiding something . 'It's given false positives before, we've seen it' Sam says.
They agree to lock the Jaffa up, until Janet can do the autopsy. She takes an x-ray. Someone stuck a knife in the back of the tokra's neck, killing both host and Tok'ra. Bra'tac says it wasn't a Jaffa, Jaffa do not seek revenge at the back.
An alarm goes off, the go to the cellblock and the accused Jaffa is dead.


Janet and Sam are looking over the body, it was killed frontally
Malek suggests that the Jaffa knew his killer.
They go outside, groups of Jaffa/Tok'ra
Little tensions rise…they all draw their weapons. Malek says a Tok'ra would not have killed the Jaffa.
Bra'tac finds footprints. Can't tell whose they are. Everyone is accounted for. Jack says they'll split up, human/Jaffa/Jaffa, one of each in a group
They're going through the woods. Teal'c finds three dead, jack sees the trees move. Tells Sam to RV with Teal'c. Jack and Bra'tac and Malek go off after the tree rustler.
It attacks Bra'tac and Malek. Malek can't fire, he can't see it, there's nothing to see. Bra'tac is dragged off into the trees.


Teal'c has Malek by the throat, cursing him for leaving Bra'tac behind. Malek says if he didn't, then they'd have no idea what had happened. He had to get the word out.
It was invisible, personal cloaking device. Sam says, nirti had that. She could have come through the gate. Jake says that nirti is still renegade. Malek and Sam techno babble. They come up with a way to rig a reactor to show the bad guy.

It is revealed that all the dead were killed by the same weapon. Teal'c says it's an ashrak. They need ters to see it. Malek asks Sam if she can do something to the naq reactor..make their own ter.
They're at the gate, tense, waiting. Sam is working on it. We see monster vision, it starts attacking them, tossing people all over. One Jaffa kills a Tok'ra in friendly fire. It manages to snag a gdo and runs away.
Jack says #1 priority is to hold the gate.


They're still waiting. 'A Jaffa has many senses with which to fight' Teal'c says. They power it up, jack feels all tingly. It's caused by the energy field. Jack likes it. <G>
They can crank it up, but then it's harder to sustain. They crank it up, it reveals something. It hits Sam. Some shooting. She brings it back on line. Pierce is by the gate; they gotta keep the monster away. It comes up behind Teal'c and Rak'nor. Teal'c senses it, he pushes Rak'nor aside. More shooting. Jack grabs a big honkin gun, lots more shooting. Like a whole season's worth of bullets.
Sam gets it back online. It reveals a shape, comes at Malek and jack….jack draws his knife, he's out of ammo…a staff blast gets it…killing it…and the shooter is……..BRA'TAC!!!! (yes!)
The ashrak left him for dead. Obviously was mistaken.
Sam retrieves the gdo. Bra'tac takes the askrak's knife. Malek apologizes to Bra'tac. Pledges his friendship. Bra'tac accepts it. 'this single blade did what we could not. It has brought us together. This blade has spilled the blood of the Jaffa, Tok'ra and of the Tau'ri. By the hand of our common enemy, it has made us brothers. Together we have insured that it will never spill our blood again.'

The end

Next Friday….the cure.
And where was Jonas?

Momma always said "if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all" -- so in the interest of community harmony and goodwill (and the lateness of the hour), I'm going to refrain from commenting on this episode until I've had some time to think about it.

That said, I think most of you can guess what my initial reaction is, but I'm the type who wants to find the good in all things. As for this ep, it may take some time. :angry:
Sounds ok, what happened to Jacob in the last half of the eppie, there was no mention of him? and was there any shippiness?

Thanks for the summary!:D
I hate my cable company and I hate my power company. I'm going to go zat them all a couple times.

The cable kept cutting out,then right in the middle of Bra'tac's final speach the power cut out.

I am NOT a happy camper. :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire
We thought it was quite good. Cheered with Master Bratac's speech!! Jaffa, Tok'ra and Tau'ri together against the Goa'uld, might work!! Too bad Jonas wasn't in it, could have been a nice excercise for him.

Anyway, liked it and can't wait for the Cure next week!!

Falcon Horus ;) and Dena :rolly2: :blpaw: :blah: :monkee: :wave:
I liked this episode. It had action, adventure, it advanced earlier plot lines and all in all was a thoroughly enjoyable ep. It felt like a real stargate episode, not a rehash of a movie or old X-Files show.

No lisasg1, there was no ship, unless you count the scene where Sam and the Tokra Mallack spout technobable at each other. (Poor McKay, forgotten so soon!)

I loved seeing Bray'tac and Jacob as well.
jonas was only in one scene, the story i've heard is that this was filmed the week corin got married so...he had the week off. the previews of 'the cure' DOES show jonas swimming so....more wet t-shirt action for those that want it ;)

jacob is in the last half, he helped sam & malek rig thier doohickey

someone else brought up that the general theme of this eps was forgiveness

the tokra and jaffa starting to overcome centuries/millennia of hatred, jack maybe coming to a bit of peace over kanan and the tokra in general, tealc' calls raknor 'brother'...raknor is the one that betrayed him back in serp venom and got him tortured.

I do think that in this, we do truly see the tokra and jaffa and humans working together against a common foe.
This episode was good from an action and mystery standpoint. It did further the story line by showing the enmity and finally commitment between the Tok'ra and the Jaffa.

It wasn't what was in the show that bothered me. It was what was not -- Jonas. Is he part of SG1 or not? As the episode developed I began to realize that the writers would do one of two things with Jonas and both ideas were terrible. One would be to have him not appear at all or only briefly, which is in fact what they did. The other was to have him suffer from a bout of "Wesley Crusher Syndrome" and save the day yet again, which would have been worse, I suppose.

I can't see why he couldn't have made some contribution to the story. He could point for instance how his own world was being destroyed in a self-destructive thee-way war -- just as the SGC, Tok'ra and Jaffa were being pushed into a similar conflict by the unseen enemy.

Apparently the writers need Jonas just about as much as they needed Dr. Jackson and I suppose the result may be the same. :(
Originally posted by skydiver
jonas was only in one scene, the story i've heard is that this was filmed the week corin got married so...he had the week off.

Ah, that's a better explanation for JQ's absence, but at a time when the producers want us to get to know and LIKE Jonas, it might have been wiser to schedule the run of this ep later in the season after the character has established an identity as a functioning and necessary member of the team.

It also would have helped if the script had included someone on SG1 saying "Gee, I wish Jonas was here. He's so good at seeing those little things we all overlook. And he's got such great diplomatic skills. A real people person."

Anyway, congrats to Corin Nemec on his marriage. I just hope his character gets a chance to live happily ever after too. :)
...like anyone even remotely believed Bratac was dead...
Personally I feel that Jonas' absence was a bonus. I really don't think that the sight of him wandering around, eating fruit, writing in notebooks and grinning constantly would have added anything to the show.

I'd like to see more of Mallack.
well, the way the eps is written, the fourth member of sg-1 wouldn't have had much to do. the tokra only listened to selmac, the jaffa to bratac or teal'c...and the humans didn't need a spokesperson.

As much as i like jonas, he wouldn't have served much of a purpose than being monster bait <G>

as to moving it later in the year....i dunno, i'm not on staff <G> but i would think that this allegiance of the tokra and jaffa is going to come into play in the bottom of the season. I mean, if they're gonna have them working together in a future eps, it would be a little unbelievable to have them kiss and make up in eps 17 then be best buddies in eps 18 (or whatever) and just ignore millennia of animosity
I like how the world that they are on, in no way looks like Canada. I wonder how meany planets have pine trees?
Originally posted by Jobeth
Personally I feel that Jonas' absence was a bonus. I really don't think that the sight of him wandering around, eating fruit, writing in notebooks and grinning constantly would have added anything to the show.

Your comment says that Jonas really isn't a valuable member of the team. If we are to accept him as part of SG1, then his absence for any reason should be felt.

But no one missed him. If his character has no contribution to make to the team, then why is he in the show at all?

Please understand that I WANT to like Jonas and I WANT him to be a valuable asset to the show, but so far the writers can't decide what to do with him and TPTB seem to expect us to take him on faith, without thought, appraisal or analysis.

Are we really that mindless?:(
The episode was great, I love it. Specially all the conflict involving Jaffa's and Tokr'as . Wonder why they were suspicious of each other and never cross their minds that a tauri could be doing it. :eek: It was cool to see at the end Bratac's speech of unity, after all, they all have one big enemy to confront the goauld's. Love also the scene when Jack goes GI Joe or Rambo, and begin to shot everything and ask to everyone to stay down. :D Also love the scene when Carter ask Jack to stop Teal'c who was asfixiating Malek. And Jack say something without much conviction, then Carter give Jack a look that was priceless and Jack say something more about Bratac don't wanting this or something like that and Teal'c stop. ;)

I miss Jonas, I think he could make something good in this episode. But is his wedding so that explain everything.

Also love Peter's guest star as Malek, and love his character. So I'm really glad to see him in SG1. And he will be in next episode. He's my favorite Tokr'a now after Tanith and Martouf are no more. :p

Krystal :rain:
One piece of action -- or lack thereof -- remains inexplicable.

After finally finding out that the enemy is invisible, after working out a way to make him seen, after getting the machine to work and everyone is armed and primed and ready to shoot the attacker, then why -- when he is finally visible, this obvious glowing blue figure -- did they all stand there staring at him without firing? O'Neill draws a knife. Why get up close and personal with such an assassin when there's all that firepower around?

Yes, it is heartwarming that Bra'tac gets the finishing shot, but he shouldn't have been the only one firing. The Tok'ra, Jaffa, and SGC are all trained military personnel. To stand stunned in the face of the enemy they have been hunting makes for dramatic TV, but little realism.

I'm back to chanting the mantra "Entertainment Value." :)
well, jack didn't shoot cause he was out of ammo. don't know bout the motivatios for the rest. guess they read the script and knew bratac had to save the day <G>

as to jonas not being missed....well daniel was written out of matter of time for MS to attend the birth of his child, RDA written out of Spirits for the same reason, and MS written out of nemesis due to health concerns.

in all cases, the eps were written or re-written in such a way to eliminate a character and the absence of the character wasn't keenly felt...at least IMHO
I'm not so much concerned at this point about why JQ was written out. The actors have to be allowed to have lives off camera. MS and RDA had been written out of earlier stories, but their characters and value had been already established.

It is the timing of the ep that is more problematic. Unless we see that the upcoming stories hinge entirely on this new found peace between Tok'ra and Jaffa, then TPTB may have been wiser to wait to show this ep when JQ has established some sort of valued place on the team.

As I said in my earlier post, even if written out, it would have helped if someone on SG1 had missed him, had expressed a desire for his assistance and bemoaned his absence. JQ's position is still too tenuous, his acceptance by the audience still too uncertain. The fact that several posters have said that the ep benefitted from his absence shows that JQ has a long way to go yet and very little time to get there.
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