Cylons: How do they measure up?

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The Bad Guys: Frightening or just Laughable?

The Cylon Centurions are the foot soldiers:

Are they fearless, metallic monsters, built head-to-foot in gleaming black and brown steel, and possessing an eerie, glowing red slit that slides back in forth where their eyes should be to a strange sound? Or, are they unbelievable, Robby the Robot rip-offs, that would have restricted vision, restricted movement and make a poor combat soldier? The Cylon Centurion's only on pleasure is to kill. Is he really an effective, highly-skilled killing machine of incalculable evil, or a piece of scrap metal?

Lucifer I-L Series of Cylon:

Programmed with more independent thought than a centurion, Lucifer was assigned to aid Baltar in his search for Human survivors. Although he obeys Baltar, he nearly always has his own opinion on his Human superior's actions and very seldom keeps his thoughts to himself. Is he amusing or just stupid?

The Imperious Leader:

He is vile, malevolent, and unearthly; the horrifying head of the Cylon Race. He is determined to wipe out the human race and all who aid them. Resembling a boars head flanked by medallions and royal attire, this nightmare intelligence is the single mind behind the Cylon war machines. Is this a mind dedicated to unrestrained evil? But why does he hate humans so much? And how does he combat rust?
New "re-imaged" mini-series coming to 'The Scifi Channel' in 03'

New Cylons, new everything, but not a continuation. No new series planned just the four hour, sneak attack by an entirely new Cylons. So get the old Cylons out of mind.

In the original Battlestar Galactica the 'The Imperious Leader' was really a renegade 'Being of Light' sort of an eons of evolution ahead of the rest of humanity, but human none the less.

The original 'Imperious Leader' was played by Patrick Macnee of the "The Avengers", also known as 'Count Iblis'.

This new "re-imaged" mini-series, is part of a plan to get 'The Scifi Channel' in the black. Long time fans of Battlestar Galactica are very disapointed.

Heads up on "Lucifer I-L Series of Cylon" in TOS his voice was
'Jonathan Harris' yeah Dr. Zachary Smith from TV's 'Lost in Space'

A great url to visit: <> surf around it's a cool site.

Remember 'The Scifi Channel's' production of "B5: The Legend of the Rangers" The new "re-imaged" Battlestar Galactica is getting the same treatment.

Btw: If ya missed that B5:Legends show, worry not, it still stinks!
Well, I have to vote great enemies. I know their not much compared to baddies in other scifi series. But I have to say I love them and think that by that time their were great. :D I specially love Lucifer, and my other two favorites are the one that is stranded with Starbuck and they make themselves good friends(Sort like Enemy mine a la Galactica) and the one that Apollo combat in the cowboys world. I totally enjoy them. But what can I say I Love Galactica! ;)

Krystal :p
the Cylons were good as they followed orders of the real bad guy baltar. Under his leadership they managed to almost wipe out the fleet at least 10 times.

I heard that the Cylons were suppost to be armoured beings. But the honchos at ABC. Thought is they were robots the blasting wouldn't count as a violent act. Thus getting parent's TV group off their backs.

Originally posted by Krystal
my other... favorite... [is] the one that [was] stranded with Starbuck and they make themselves good friends (Sort like Enemy mine a la Galactica)

I thought that was one of the best episodes, and I think it was almost the last one (not counting the later Galactica Earth series.)
Originally posted by ZachWZ
I heard that the Cylons were suppost to be armoured beings. But the honchos at ABC. Thought is they were robots the blasting wouldn't count as a violent act. Thus getting parent's TV group off their backs.

I hadn't heard that before, but it sounds just typical of a TV network. They would be more threatening if they had been "armoured beings", but the "following orders" business made them appear too stupid to be creatures, more like stereotypical Robots from pulp scifi.
Ok let's start with the cylons,

I bet my answers create more questions. So post em & I'll try.

The Cylons: They're machines created by living creatures a long, long time ago... a race of reptiles called Cylons. After a while the Cylons discovered humans were the most practical form of creature in this system. So they copied our bodies, but they built them bigger and stronger than we are. And they can exchange parts so they can live forever... There are no more real Cylons. They died off thousands of yahrens ago, leaving behind a race of super-machines, but we still call them Cylons.

A dialog between Count Iblis and the imprisoned Baltar in "War of the Gods" suggests a more sinister theory behind the original Cylons demise, that the biological Cylons made a pact with Count Iblis (the Devil.)

Baltar: I know you.
Iblis: Do you?
Baltar: I remember that voice, the voice of the Cylon Imperious Leader.
Iblis: The Cylon is a machine.
Baltar: Now. But once they were a race of beings who allowed themselves to be overcome by their own technology.
Iblis: And when did this happen?
Baltar: A thousand yahrens ago, at the onset of the thousand yahren war against the humans.
Iblis: And for my voice to be the voice of Imperious Leader, it would have to be transcribed into machine leader a thousand yahrens ago. I'd have to be a thousand yahrens old.
1. Imperious Leader
The leader of all the Cylons, Imperious Leader is the only Cylon who physically resembles the original biological Cylons.

2. Cylon Centurions
A humanform Cylon warrior. Most Centurions have silver armor, though senior officers, such as Vulpa from "Gun on Ice Planet Zero", have golden armor.

3. IL-series Cylons
Lucifer and Spectre are IL-series Cylons, and resemble walking light bulbs. These Cylons are more intelligent then Centurions, and have personalities. The current Imperious Leader is also an IL-series Cylon. The phrase is a play on words for John Dykstra's Industrial Light and Magic, which provided special effects for Galactica's initial episodes.

4. Civilian Cylons
The Cylon outpost on Gamoray in "The Living Legend -- Part 2", introduces for the first time several new types of Cylons, in addition to the first three.

In Galactica 1980's "The Return of Starbuck", the Dr. Zee character has a dream sequence of Starbuck. Starbuck's ship is damaged in battle and crashes on a desolate planet, along with the wreckage of a Cylon raider. A need for company and his own survival instinct prompts Starbuck to revive one of the Cylon centurions ("Cy", or Cyrus.)

The show closely follows the plot of Barry Longyear's novella Enemy Mine, as Starbuck and Cy are forced to help each other for mutual survival. After Starbuck cheats at pyramids, Cy runs off, and later returns with the body of a pregnant woman, Angela. In the course of the show, Angela delivers her child (the future Dr. Zee), and Starbuck and Cy put together parts from both the Raider and Viper to send the mother and child (the future Dr. Zee) off to safety.

At the end of the episode, another Cylon Raider lands on the planet, and its three occupants start attacking Starbuck. Out of loyalty to his new friend, Cyrus confronts and kills two Cylons, and in the process, he himself is destroyed. Starbuck finishes off the third Cylon, and is once again alone.

Does Starbuck escape? On his own?. In "The Hand of God", it is revealed that Cylon raiders require a minimum of two pilots to ride it. Unless Starbuck revives one of the Cylons (perhaps Cyrus), or jury-rigs the Raider to run with one pilot, Starbuck will remain stranded.

[ One of the unfilmed scripts of Galactica 1980, "Wheels of Fire", revolves around the idea that Starbuck, found "worthy" in this episode, is rescued by Angela and the Ship of Lights (from "War of the Gods"), and that he becomes an angel himself. ]
Thanx for that info Dvo47p! How I will love to see Galactica again, there are so many things I don't remember because it was a long time ago. But I love that series. :D

As ZachWZ say Baltar was a great baddie, but I don't think the cyclons only follow orders. Specially because of Lucifer, he followed orders but show at many times different opinions or how to put it, actions of his own. I think the description of the type of cyclon he was describe it better thanks to Dvo47p . ;)

Definitely the episode of Starbuck with the cyclon was one of my favorites. :D

I remember the gold centurions. ;)

Krystal :p
No sweat Krystal, ABC edited this out of Galactica!

Imperious Leader: Welcome, Baltar. I have grave news. A handful of Colonials prevail, but we will soon find them.

Baltar: What of our bargain? My colony was to be spared!

Imperious Leader: I now alter the bargain.

Baltar: How can you change one side of a bargain?

Imperious Leader: When there is no other side. You have missed the entire point of the war.

Baltar: But I have no ambitions against you!

Imperious Leader: Could you think me so foolish as to trust a man who would see his own race destroyed?

Baltar: Not destroyed, subjugated, under me.

Imperious Leader: There can be no survivors. So long as one human remains alive, the Alliance is threatened.

Baltar: Surely you don't mean me?
Imperious Leader: We thank you for your help, Baltar. Your time is at an end.

Baltar: No! You can't! You still need meAAAAAAARRRRGHHH!
A Cylon slits Baltar's throat.
So, was 'The Return of Starbuck' the very last episode?

(I was confused, because I didn't remember that it was a story told in flashback, and that it was part of the 'Galactica 1980' series.)

Great info dvo47p!
Starbuck, Angela mother of Dr. Zee, SUX

The Return Of Starbuck was the only BG80 that didn’t suck out loud, just sux. ‘Angela’ some sort of ‘Star Chick’ is saved by Starbuck & his Cylon buddy Cy. 15 yarens later Dr. Zee dreams about it. This ep, like BG80 still sux.
Probably the Return of Starbuck was one of the best in BG80 because it have an actor of the original cast in it. I think that have to be an omen for Scifi and the new Galactica. :D In other words bring back Starbuck, Apollo and Boomer. ;)

Krystal :rain:
Funny Pic here:

rotflmao :lol: Thats hilarious.

Cylons. I think they're a great enemy, but I havn't watched BSG in a while...

*needs to catch up*
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