Cylons vs Imperial Storm Troopers


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Feb 17, 2001
Which one of these classic bad guys is dumber? Both seem to be destroyed in wholesale numbers when engaging their "good guy" foes.
Ok... stupid question... Cyclons? Sounds familar but isn't ringing a bell. Can you give some info? Then I can give you some feedback. *g*
Cylons are the robots from 'Battlestar Galactica' who rule the Galaxy and have caused Genocide to humans except for a rag-tag group of ships searching out the planet Earth, which Legend has it may be home to more humans. (Thus, they can lead the Cyclons there and destroy them too!)

Imperial Stormtroopers had humans inside them. The Armour was just some kind of sophisticated reflective material, with electronic enhancements to make it impervious to weapons, other than lasers. Inside would be trained troops, possibly clones (see my other thread for discussion Stormtroopers and Clone Wars ) and bred for warfare.

Cylons didn't frighten me! they looked a little unsteady, and they must have had poor eyesight since all they had was a moving red light. In a very late episode of 'Battlestar Galactica' called 'The Return of Starbuck', Starbuck crashlands on a barren planet and is forced to make friends with a damaged Cylon to survive (remind anyone of 'Enemy Mine' ) Anyway, we find out that Cylons have feelings too.

To answer the question: Cylons are dumb machines. Stormtroopers are dumb marines ( but not quite as dumb)
A ha! That's why they sound so familar. I haven't seen BSG since I was a kid! I totally forgot about them!

In that case... Stormtroopers are dumber. Why? Because Cyclons are built to do what they do - kinda like the gem hadar on Star Trek - while the Stormtroppers are humans who should really know better, yet still decide upon this way of life. The benefits given by the Emperor must be amazing! *L*
I think Cylons are better for many reasons, cause like you said there robots. So they would have no remorse when they killed someone and wouldn't be able to betray. Just many reasons but yah I think Cylons are better but that dosn't mean I don't like the gid up of the storm troopers. (I always think about Spaceballs lol)
1/ Cylons usually hit what they aim at, Stormtroopers never do.

2/ Cylons would never be defeated by Ewoks.

3/ And look at 'The Empire Strikes Back': They are fairly effective at destroying the Rebel base on Hoth, but let every important Rebel -- Leia, Han, Luke -- escape, as well as all the transports. At Cloud City, Lando has no trouble capturing them and keeping them locked up. Then they the let Lando, R2 D2, Leia, and Chewie (with C3PO strapped to his back) to escape without a scratch. And they don't even bother to take cover from Chewbacca.

4/ But the #1 thing that shows how stupid they are is in 'A New Hope' in the desert on Tattoine when the stormtrooper says, "Look sir, droids." Wouldn't that obvious by R2D2's tripodial tracks?

Apparently, Cylons had to walk that way because of the restricted movement of the actors inside the cotsume.

In the new modern version of 'BattleStar Galactica' Cylons can also be one of 13 android types that completely mimic humans. Unfortunately, these new Cylons just aren't dumb at all.