Suanne Braun/Hathor


Feb 3, 2002
Hey everyone,
You've prolly heard of my site, Presenting Suanne, from my posts in various other forums, but I thought I'd just mention here. I've got a Suanne Braun website -- it's getting bigger every day, and I'd appreciate it if you'd stop by, take a look and let me know in the gbook if it's any good or even if it looks totally messed up. I'm a sucker for feedback :)

Also, some of you may be aware of Arthur's recent attempts to get Suanne back on Stargate. She has done one convention, BOBW 14, and I'm sure she'd love to do more if we encourage it. Stop by my forum, and post messages saying that. Suanne does visit fan websites, and has even emailed one of the other webmasters' telling him how impressed she was.

The Suanne fandom is quite small right now, and you might think of her as 'just another Goa'uld' but if you take time to learn more about Suanne, you might just find that there's more than meets the eye to her ...

Thanks very much.

Wow, I'd not heard of your sitre, and I do lurk on a couple of other SG boards, but I'm glad you're doing one on her, I've looked for info on her before, and only found very little. Your site seems cool, you going to add a background? It's easy to navigate, and is clearly Suanne centered, which is good. :) Do you know her, or are you in contact?

Seems like a good site, keep it up!
I don't know Suanne personally (though I wish I did!). There is one other Suanne fansite, which Suanne has visited, and she emailed the webmaster, which was very nice of her. Maybe one day she'll find her way to my site; I don't know.

I'm glad you like the site. I don't think I'll be adding a background right now, although I may later. I tend to change the layout quite frequently -- the current design is version 4.0 and the website's only been up for 3 months!

Once again, thanks for your comments :)
You talked about cons - she will be a guest at the London Expo in May if you're interested (also Michael Shanks and Teryl Rothery will be at the SFX which is the con in conjuction with the Expo). So big Stargate fest :) if you want more info, click the link in my sig :)


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