Meet Suanne Braun (HATHOR) Feb 2002 AUS


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Sep 24, 2001

Meet Suanne Braun (aka HATHOR) at her first convention appearance in the world, at BOBW 14, in Sydney Australia on February 1st-3rd 2002.

Other guests to include:
Don S. Davis (General Hammond)
Colin Cunningham (Major Davis)
Professor Chris Illert

More Information:


Suanne Braun (HATHOR) - Biography !!!!!


The following is a biography of Suanne Braun (aka HATHOR) that I found. It gives you an idea of the many talents and skills of Suanne and the various highlights in her career so far.



What a journey so far! Early in 1989 Suanne began working for M.NET as a continuity presenter. After a year on air, Suanne was given the opportunity to present the travelogue "Bon Voyage". Similar in it's format to "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous", it afforded Suanne the opportunity to visit 36 countries and to really see the world. The show was also nominated for a "Star Tonight" award for television excellence. Other M.NET highlights include numerous tv specials, as well as hosting the Miss World and Miss S.A. pageants for three years consecutively.

Due to the enormous amount of exposure she received, Suanne became a national celebrity gracing the covers of more than 25 publications and appearing in numerous commercials including 2 national endorsements for "Oil of Olay" and "Dimensions" hair care. In 1993 she received the People's Choice award for South Africa's most beautiful woman. Although M.NET made Suanne a household name, she never lost her desire to continue acting .In 1990 she was cast in the popular series "The Big Time". The series proved to be so successful that a few years later a sequel was made. Being completely bilingual has been a huge asset to Suanne's career and in the Afrikaans drama "Konings" she was thrilled to be working with some of her childhood idols.

Theatre has always played an important role in Suanne's life. She got her professional break in the smash hit musical "Nunsense". A part of the original cast, the show toured the country and ran for a record breaking two years. Other theatre credits include "Whodunnit", "Lend Me A Tenor", "Slice of Saturday Night"," Things We Do For Love", " The Secret Lives of Henry and Alice" and most recently "Bedside Manners".

Six years ago Suanne decided to expand her horizons and moved to Los Angeles.Whilst there she has been fortunate enough to work on television, film and on stage. US credits include " Bourbon Street", "It's Only Sex", "Just Shoot Me", "Wings", "FX- the series","Babylon 5", "Silk Stalkings", "Entertainment Today" as well as a recurring role in the sci-fi series "Stargate SG1" with Richard Dean Anderson. A huge career highlight was working with Oscar winning director Peter Bogdonavich on the CBS series "Prowler" in which she played the female lead. She keeps her comedic abilities sharply honed by making regular appearances, doing stand up comedy at the LA Comedy Club.

Most recently Suanne got back to her presenting roots by being the presenter for Warner Brother's "City Live 2000". A huge awards ceremony held annually, Suanne was handpicked to be the MC and was privileged to be working alongside Martin Sheen and the cast of the Emmy award winning show 'The West Wing". Other presenting highlights abroad include presenting the Spirit Awards honouring Independent Film and the pre-show to the 68th Annual Academy Awards.
Recently, Suanne has returned to one of her first loves- singing. She has recorded a cd single " Feeling Good" due for a Christmas release in the UK and has just completed an international tour of the musical show "Offbeat Broadway".

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