Bring Back Hathor (Suanne Braun)


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Sep 24, 2001

I met Suanne Braun (aka Hathor) at BOBW 14 this weekend (Sydney Australia) and I want to see her back for a guest-star part in SG1's final season, and so did lots of other people !


YEAH!I think she's a great evil queen. I want her back, too! :cool:
Oh yeah, she was one evil person, I'd love to see her come back !
Think of all the cool stuff she could do
She still has plenty of potential!.
but she was totally toast at the beginning of season three!!!!!

I did quite like her though....

Why o why couldn't they use that pesky quantum mirror thing to bring back some fan favourites, I know Hammond ordered it destroyed, but I reckon the NID coulda made off with it...
Hathors goons could have been able to rescue her symbiote, and gave it a new host, that way she could come back.
And it's very likely that the quantum mirror is still in existence.
I'd like another AU episode
wouldn't hathor's host be alive, since they used the cryogenic process to get rid of the snake in Jack. Shouldn't it have killed her snake but left the host alive? Bring back Narim & Kawalsky!!!
Maybe, but the host could have been really old, like apophis, she could have rapidly aged and died right after the symbiote died/
speaking of Apophis, I'd rather they didn't bring back Hathor & make another Apophis farce
Well, Apophis is wearing out.
Have you seen Anubis yet?It is kinda hard to decribe how he looked.
I still like Hathor, though
yup, I've seen up to but excluding the season finale of S5 (thanx to wonderful people who put the eps on the web):D
When will you be getting the last ep?
BTW, It's really good, I liked it.:rolly2: :D ;)
Then you should go to the Season 5: Revelations page and read everyone's post, you can post what you thought of it!:rolly2:
gees it's been so long since I watched it, can't rightfully remember it. I may have put my opinion on the thread that concerned that ep?;)
That would be cool!
They were probably able to save Hathor's symbiote, so she could still come back, just in a different body!
I was wondering, wouldn't her host be alive still? The point of Jack being criogenically frozen was to kill the symb so shouldn't Hathor have died but her host servive?

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