(Found) Mankind expands through the galaxy & meets the other branch expanding the other direction


Sep 28, 2023
Mankind has been expanding through the galaxy for millennia. FTL exists but it is only moderately fast so only a small portion of the galaxy is reachable form any position. Every time man has found another civilization, it turns out to be the remains of an earlier expansion. A starship crew that correctly believes itself to be on the very leading edge of expansion, finds another spacecraft of a different culture. It turns out tat the new culture is the leading edge of mankind expanding the other way around the core of the galaxy.

Don't remember details like name or date I read it but it was definitely a short story.
The pattern of settlement sounds like the world of Ursula K LeGuin’s ”Hainish” stories, but I don’t recall a story with that specific premise.
Thanks, but I think this was a one-off unrelated to an author's other work. Certainly didn't have the level of background detail that I'd expect from her.
I've read this. It was in a collection entitled "Starfog", which included the story of the same name by Poul Anderson. I'm not sure whether all the stories were by him, or if they were by a selection of authors.
I can't find a collection by Poul Anderson called Starfog. Starfog was a short fiction novella by him nominated for a Prometheus award and in a number of different collections. The story itself could have been in any of them.

Title: Starfog
Title Record # 45556
Author: Poul Anderson
Date: 1967-08-00
Length: novella
Series: Technic History

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