crystal skull, nemesis, brief candle.... whateva epissodes where last night :)

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the advertisements we see on commercial television pay for the programs we love to watch. that is dead serious.
yep. you dont think the networks would pay thousands and thousands of dollars for the rights to broadcast their programs, then give away ad space. if the network doesnt make money off a show, the axe it.
not a lot of people do, i didnt until i started my television webstie, and talked/chatted/emailed people who did know. very interesting how the networks make millions of dollars in profits each year.
heh, So thats why Kerry packer, or what ever hi name is, is so interested in these tv stations etc etc.
you betcha. dont forget mr kerry stokes (who owns channel 7) and whoever owns channel 10. moneys the word.
dont laugh, but what does it mean when it says sticky:then the thread name?
yeah, i dunno i was screwing around with the options i think it's another way of saying "Active"

did u d/l the thing?
no check your PM :)

*im having a postin WAR with JAD* :)hehe

so did u liek the text thing?
yep, whats it for?

make that a posting and pm war with marty :D
if someone d/l's our sh*t, we add that file with it :)

me and cory are gonna double team you :)
ah crap, that means ill be here all night, and you have a half hour time advantage over me (e.g. its 10:20pm here so it would be 9:50 for you.)

Im man enough for the challenge, hows about you guys?
im feelin a bit dizzy, like i wanna just do something apart from go on the net......

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