3.18: Shades Of Grey


I really can't see in what the remark "i haven't been acting like myself since i met you... now i'm acting like myself" is cruel and mean..
maybe it's because english is not my native language or maybe it isn't really an insult..
dunno, but i think i would take it as a compliment.. not u?


"how could you marry such a loser?"
I have been waiting nearly six months to see this ep, so when I saw it the other night (thank G for syndication) while I will never say I was disapointed, I wished it had been longer. There were so many loose ends. Would it seriously kill anyone to have a few eps continue on where they left off? I mean it seems quite often that what happens in one ep never really effects the next ep too much--except for the season finale cliff hangers. In my opinion SG-1 was seriously damaged as a team and as friends by what happened in SOG, but they didn't really follow through, and for that i'm (okay, yeah, i'll say it) kinda, sorta, disapointed. (Dang, went and made a liar out of me didn't I).
But, regardless, I did enjoy it. Think it allowed for some great acting by the cast.
it did allow for a lot of acting...and a peek at what sg-1 would be without one if its members...and i know jack's mission did mess things up a lot...but unfortunately it's something that will only be dealt with in fan fic...which is good for the writers but bad for the fans who don't read fic.

then agian, leaving threads dangling is something they've done since the beginning...remember solitudes? jack had to have had at lease 6 weeks of recuperation(he had a broken leg and most likely major surgery to fix the internal bleeding) but...whatta ya know, next week and they're all hunky dorey.

i for one used shades of grey as a launch for at least one fic...
I liked Shades the first time I saw it, and liked it even better seeing again last weekend on syndication. This had wonderful character development, and while an 'action' episode, it still had very strong and emotional scenes.

The mark of a good show is to leave 'em wanting more! Please sir, I want some more!!!

Thanks to - ahem - certain people, I started reading fanfics for the first time only about 9 months ago, after decades in fandom. Didn't know what I was missing. A good one will fill in all those empty spaces left by too-short episodes. Ozkaren's fics are great! I'd recommend them to anyone trying out fics for the first time. And of course, any and all by Denise (skydiver) ;) !!!
hey nobody anwered me!!
i dunno but in the ep, jack seems not to give damn about his team, his face reveals nothing... quelle tache
Just because he didn't show it didn't mean he didn't care. i think it was necesary for him to put them off in order for them not to find out the truth or risk his own feelings and not actually pull it off. but uh, i may me rerading a bit much into this.

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