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Sep 5, 2000
Well we have been rather quiet around here for a while.... so i thought that i may as well start up this thread to get discussions going again.
short episode reviews:
The other side,
i loved this episode, one of my favourites, but my southern cross reception wasnt 100% so i will record it once it is on satellite (Seven Central). and nearly the worst farking announcement at the end: "stargate will return to southern cross in two weeks" :( WTF is that? ill ring em up and see whats goin on with the double jag. although it could be jags final. no upgrades promo. :(

Shades Of Grey
great, i love these storyline episodes, if ive watched it once ive watched it a thousand times. still no promos. i think that i will give old seven melbourne a call and ask why next week at 9:30 they have some show that is a REPEAT. can't the get it through their THICK SKULLS that they are 11 weeks behind the rest of the country. now i should be the programming manager of the 7 network, i could do so much better than them AIRASSES.

The Broca Divide
yeah, okay, but too much of it isn't good.
Doc Frasier: "Mr Teal'c" - ahh that crackes me up!

Aussie Chat
when??????????? and we will talk about stargate and other topics as well.
yeah things have been quiet, anyway yeah i always look for the promo after the end of the episode, but again disapointed last night.....

i must comment on the number of promos seen (SoG) there was an add every 4 add breaks, i thought it was amazing that they advertised it soo much

JAG? What happened to it this week? please tell me it was only because of christmas?

I have not seen the last 20m of 'The Other Side', Gamma only had half of it up for d/l, so i can't wait to see it! (6 weeks)!!
Seven Central didn't show a single promo for SoG, i was disappointed in them,
what do you mean no JAG? im pretty sure i saw the en credits going down when i switched the sat on.
do you want a copy of TOS?
no thanks, i can wait 6 weeks (is i have to get ToS i would wanna get all the other s4)
you have every episode of s1 s2 s3 don't you? well if you don't Marty can also make dubs :)

JAG? Last Thursday at 7:30? We got some dumb carols or something :(
yep, i have every ep os s 1, 2, 3
actually im pretty sure seven central had JAG on, must of been a SA thing with the carrols, hey at least they didn't take sg1 off for it :)
In Perth, we have had all rereats of both JAG and Stargate for about a month. They started putting new ones on, but as soon as the ratings season finished, we were back to repeats.

Not a happy camper. :mad:
Fahrbot - im JAD :) and martouf i do have the stargate movie on video, im waiting for the dvd.
by the wat the next sg-1 dvd is set for feb 07, and then not until farking april, im going to abuse the sh*t out of fox, the uk will have all of season 3 on dvd when we get the third one :( im not a happy camper.
i found the info out at in the coming soon section.
no need to feel like an idiot, and it is nict to meet you too!
i thought it was only gonna be the one DVD...... i am gonna miss out on them now :(

hey JAD, i don't suppose you can make DVD copies? :)
im getting a cd burner but '"Its Illegal'" wink wink.
on a serious not sure if you can copy DVD's, ill see.
you should invest in a dvd player or better yet a PS2 wich has both games and a dvd player for 2 hunndred becks extra. wish i had waited.
i love DVD, and i love play station 2..... mmm what to do, should i sell my dvd player and put the monet towards a ps2?
no, a cd burner cannot copy dvd's....

well on a good note, me and my bro are thinking about buying a DVD player....
are sony2 DVD players crap?

JAD- i think you mentioned before that you work at K-Mart, is there a lot of copies of the SG dvd still available there?

i was just talkin to my bro and said 'do you wanna buy a sony2 and he said 'maybe'!!!! YES, SG DVD's here i come!

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Well, I know it's not a PS2 or a DVD player but me and my brother just went halves on a PS1. I have to say, it's pretty good. Next item on my wishlist. DVD player, so that I can play all the farscape DVD's and Stargate DVD's when I buy them. Of course I have to wait for the Farscape one's to come out yet :(
hehe, i once had a dream like that Farhbot.... but yeah..... but we soon wake up to the real world.....
but if i can get a DVD player and job i will try my hardest to get SG dvds!
bah humbug!

were is JAD 'these days (turned out nothign like i planned....' sorry song in my head) ?????

dvd players..... that is what the world revolves around! In a few more years we will have SG holograms that actually move!