Who thinks that George R.R. Martin is a genius?

AryaUnderfoot said:
Thanks, Red Temple. I've missed you guys. Actually, I've had trouble getting onto this site. (I actually joined another site because I was going through withdrawal- I dunno, is that sad??)

Definitely sad!! :) Remember, though - this is the coolest site of geeks on the net. Can't do any better than us (which may be sadder, still....).

Also, I agree with you about FEAST. I trust in GRRM, he will not lead us astray.
red_temple said:
Definitely sad!! :) Remember, though - this is the coolest site of geeks on the net. Can't do any better than us (which may be sadder, still....).

Agreed. Although the other site does have more chapter spoilers for AFFC, which I thoroughly enjoyed. But this site is better formatted and the responses are way faster.

Long live the coolest geek-site!:cool:
Possible **SPOILERS**...
Heya, peeps. I wouldn't say Ser Martin is a genius. He's clever, very clever, yes. And I think his cleverest idea in ASoFaI is that (medieval) knights were nasty folk : bullies pumped up with testosterone, viscious, overpowering bleeders with agendas of their own, regardless of Oaths and Vows.... With a spattering of chivalry and honour mixed with the blood and gore on their hauberks.... Who wouldnt be gripped and fascinated by such behaviour? Yea, clever, very clever. And if Ser Martin had come up with this idea as his own, then yes, we could praise him as genius. But I am really glad he has used that idea and built a picture of realistic people in a realistic land teaming with fiefdoms, etc. And I lapped the books up as fast as any series I can remember. 80+ replies to this thread and no-one has given me reason to believe in genius. And there are other threads and ideas in his story that pull you along in belief - ultimate story-telling. Like, originally, I was held back by the direwolves 'seeming' to read their masters minds (the Stark children) and attack people without any valid prompting. 'Validity' is important here. Later gaining the understanding of the meaning of 'warg' swept any doubts away. Thoroughly pleased with that! But I wish Ser Martin had gone more into Grey Winds reaction to the Freys before Robbs demise (Robbs direwolf was Grey Wind, wasn't it?)

And Ainulindale is Tolkiens elvish for something like the "Music of the Ainur" - the Song that created the world, just fyi.

IMO, Martin is the second best fantasy writer today, even just ahead of Mieville, and only behind Steven Erikson. Martin's plot is genuinely surprising, and his characterisation is almost flawless.

A genius though? He may be a very good writer, but I wouldn't say he's a genius. To me, Mieville seems both more creative and more intelligent. Martin didn't really build a world for his fantasy novel, he just took Britain in the war of the Roses and made a few changes. He also takes quite a bit of time to write his novels - I've nothing against that, because they're so good, but then again, Moorcock did write some of his Elric novellas very fast(admittedly much shorter, but still, that is very fast writing there), and they were pretty good as well.

@Don sky - you really live in Zimbabwe? I feel sorry for you, and wish that the international community would actually do something to help the country out.
I agree with HieroGlyph. I also wouldn't say that GRRM is a genius. He is very talented and dedicated. :)

I would say he is intelligent, outstanding and has a talent for writing (whether natural or through development). This makes him one of the best writers alive.
I generally rate GRRM as my No. 2 and Erikson No. 1 in EPIC fantasy (in fact my fav fantasy writer full stop) but in the fantasy genre I like Mieville, Bakker, Wolfe and Erikson more than GRRM.... :cool:
Certainly not a genius to my way of thinking. He is however, a creative writer and talented writer.

His Song of Ice and Fire series, IMO is one of the best.:)