Who thinks that George R.R. Martin is a genius?

KennyLucius said:
but I just read Paladin of Souls and couldn't get into it. A little too chicky, I guess. Is GRRM similar to LM Bujold?

but you read the Curse of Chalion before?? this Paladin is the second part, and if you didn't know the characters it might be difficult... I havent read it, but The Curse of Chalion is brilliant!!
Yes, I read The Curse of Chalion and I thought it was pretty good. There was something different about Paladin of Souls that made me long for the end. I started A Game of Thrones, but stopped only a few chapters in.

I am extremely busy in the real world right now, and my mind is fully engaged in it. Apparently, it's difficult for me to get into any fantasy while I am so engaged. This includes sci-fi and other fiction. It's never happened to me before. I kinda miss getting into a good book, but I can't say I'm sorry--things are pretty interesting for me right now.

I'll try again later.
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Heh, GRRM is an excellent writer but a poor storyteller - his scenes are well written, but his ability to actually plot a story isn't great.
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Maybe I'm using "tell" and "plot" interchangeably here. :)

And, my - those Greyjoys had it tough. :D

I, Brian what do you mean by this. I must disagree with you. If you feel that GRRM is an example of a poor storyteller, then who is a great storyteller in your opinion?
Zuriz said:
I, Brian what do you mean by this. I must disagree with you. If you feel that GRRM is an example of a poor storyteller, then who is a great storyteller in your opinion?

I don't understand I,Brian's comments either. I think GRRM excels at telling a story, keeping me engaged throughout. Do you mean the events that he chooses to portray and the ones he chooses to keep "off-camera"? Or is just a way of saying you don't prefer his books over others?

And I second Zuriz in asking, if you don't like GRRM, then what do you think IS good plotting?
:p George Martin is in my humble little mind the greatest writer of Fantasy ficton writing today.
And i say that after reading the genre for over 30 years,reading his work is like gorging on a 12 course meal,but,unlike the greedy gent in Monty Pythons "Meaning of Life" i would always be able to manage another tiny, tiny,sliver thin chapter without exploding.
Also,to people who think that Mr Martin cannot cut the mustard,ask yourself,could you do better?
IMHO George R.R. Martin is the the best writer of epic fanasy currently. Nothing more, nothing less. I give him the slight over ther good good epic writers of current epic series R. Scott Bakker, Greg Keyes, and Steven Erikson. I don't think he;s a genius, actually let me change thatn I'd have no idea if he was a genisu or not, as it certainly doesn't take a genius to write a book or series, I do think he is damn good writer of fantasy, and was so before he wrote Storm fo Swords. Fevre Deam isa terrific novel, as are other he has written including his short horror work.

That said I don't think he is necessarily a better writer then say Gene Wolfe, and I don't think he has near the prose or imagination of China Mieville, just to name a couple.
Here's some evidence that GRRM is, indeed, a genius.

The man is a legitimate chess grand-master (or whatever the term is to describe someone who is a world class chess player). I think this intellect is quite evident as he moves his "pieces" around Westeros with unparalelled skill and flair.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I feel very privileged to be in the presence of people with a passion the Genius that is George RR Martin. I've only read Song of Ice and fire but if that book is anything to go by.... I was blown away. What I want to know,was did the dead child that Daenerys gave birth to a dragon or what? Did the Targaryens really have actual Dragon blood in them or something:cool:
is there anybody out there? It seems every sci fi fantasy forum I go to is always empty. I dnt think I smell that bad, do I? Anybody pliz reply even if its to shut me up!
So it is true! Winter really is coming. Goodbye People. I still think u'r all cool
Patience my friend, you're talking to people from all over the world and some of us actually pretend to work at times, he he.

As for your questions, you'll just have to start at the beginning of the series and read on from there. We're all grinding our teeth, waiting for the next one to come out, so that those questions can be answered. :)
:cool: Thank u AryaUnderfoot. I was a bit jitterey back then but I assure u that I,ve regained some composure. I guess its the impatience of youth. Is that really a picture of u, Miss Underfoot? I have a copy of Song of Ice and fire (Unread) at home and Part 1 of the one after that but unfortunately as much as I want to start devouring them, there's a small matter of exams (being a college student & all) and I can't wait for the following 4 weeks to pass so that the ASSIMILATION can begin.
Haha no worries, Don Sky.

I'm not sure which book "A Song of Ice and Fire" would be. Here in the states, the books are not split up; they're published in big fat volumes. Here, the first one is called "A Game of Thrones" the second: "A Clash of Kings" and the third "A Storm of Swords." All three are great. Perhaps if you look about a bit on this forum, you'll be able to find out what they're called when they're published in smaller volumes.

That is a picture of me on Halloween this year. :) My favorite Holiday. And do you really live in Zimbabwe?
I have a copy of Song of Ice and fire (Unread) at home
Sorry, I meant to say Clash of Kings. The worst thing ever has just happened. I asked my best friend to keep Clash of Kings 4 me at his house and Last week they were robbed.All his clothes, bags, shoes and :( my books. It was pretty devastating but what's done is done. Some people just have no honour.
Oh sorry, I had to let that little bit of info out before I was calm enuff to write or reply to anything else. Your pic is really cool.(Seriously, I think its awesome actually) You look like a pretty jovial person! Zimbabweans aint too keen on holidays like Halloween and stuff! The majority of the much much much older people think its too silly.(They just dont like people dressing up in costumes and trickortreating, violating their privacy)And yeah, I really do live in Zimbabwe in the second capital called Bulawayo. But presently, I'm at the University of Zimbabwe in Harare, the capital. How's San Diego?
Well, the costumes are the best part of Halloween. There's nothing like stepping out of the house as someone else. Trick-or-treating is usually done by the little kids- the big kids and adults just drink or play pranks on each other.

San Diego is... nice, at times. I love the climate and the location, but the people leave something to be desired at times. (But I'm from Northern California, so of course I compare.)
Welcome back, Arya. Where ya been?

Now that you're here, what do you think of the release of Feast for Crows?
Thanks, Red Temple. I've missed you guys. Actually, I've had trouble getting onto this site. (I actually joined another site because I was going through withdrawal- I dunno, is that sad??)

Anyhoo, I'm totally stoked that FFC is finally done. :D I personally don't care what package it comes in, as long as I get to read it. Sure, two seperate books for one timeline will be different, and I will miss reading about certain characters- but, I think it will be helpful as far as keeping all of the facts straight. Besides, if you're that worried about not having the whole story, just wait until DwD comes out, and read them together.:p

Those who are complaining should put a lid on it. Trust in GRRM, people! Honestly, he's carried us this far, and he's obviously dedicated to the product.
Can you really see people waiting for another two years for DwD?? :D A few people I know have been mouthing off about how unhappy they are about the concept...They'll be first in line to buy the book though :D