terry goodkind

  1. chongjasmine

    Just discovered that Terry passed away!

    Love his sot series.
  2. D

    Terry Goodkind (1948-2020)

    I don't read much fantasy but I enjoyed the 'Sword' series by him. https://www.tor.com/2020/09/17/terry-goodkind-sword-of-truth-wizards-first-rule-death-obituary/
  3. Crowbird

    Wizard’s First Rule rpg Xbox or PC game?

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were a rpg game for gaming platforms and especially the PC that immersed you into Richard and Kahlans world? The tv mini series based on Terry’s book totally bombed in my opinion. “What’s in your wallet?” If they can take a awesome love story and totally dump...
  4. Vladd67

    Terry Goodkind making friends again

    Nice to see a professional at work.
  5. Gonk the Insane

    Terry Goodkind's Influences

    Some 15 years or so after first reading it, I've revisited Tad Williams' Memory, Sorrow, Thorn* series, and after finishing the first volume I came away thinking that Williams may have been an influence on Terry Goodkind. I'm sure that he has influenced many authors, of course, but it got me...
  6. Davidjb

    Terry Goodkind's Warheart

    This is his concluding novel in the series. I think the last one I read was Confessor so not sure what I've missed. Given it's the last in the series it is a must, I think. I really liked the series bar one book which was painstakingly slow. The conclusion should be good. I hope. I may wait...
  7. A


    Chainfire Terry Goodkind Tor, Jan 2005, $29.95, 672 pp. ISBN: 0765305232 Hit by an Imperial Order soldier’s arrow, Richard Lord Rahl nears death until Sorceress Nikki uses a “Subtractive Magic” spell to save his life. When Richard recovers he learns that his wife Kahlan is missing, but in spite...
  8. A


    Phantom Terry Goodkind Tor, Aug 2006, $25.95 ISBN: 9765314215 When Khalan Amnell awakens she remembers nothing except her name. Her spouse, the Seeker of Truth, Richard Rahl needs to liberate Khalan from the Chainfire spell that devastated her memories and that of those who knew her before the...
  9. A

    The Law of Nines-Terry Goodkind

    The Law of Nines Terry Goodkind Putnam, Aug 18 2009, $27.95 ISBN 9780399156045 In Orden, Nebraska, artist Alex Rahl notices the woman in the path of a speeding plumbing truck with a dangling pirate flag. She seems ignorant of the fact that the pirates were bearing down on her. He grabs her arm...
  10. A

    The Omen Machine-Terry Goodkind

    The Omen Machine Terry Goodkind Tor, Aug 16 2011, $29.99 ISBN: 9780765327727 Richard Rahl learns that many people are using false prophecies as decision making tools. He feels the morons are being taken for an inane ride while believing individuals should ignore self-fulfilling prophecy and do...
  11. althea

    Terry Goodkind?

    I have noticed that Terry Goodkind is not in the list of authors. I wonder if anybody has read his Sword of Truth series? I found it difficult going at times.Mostly due to the range of violence in every book.However,I did persevere to the end,while my sister stopped midway during the last book...
  12. Chris Guillory

    Terry Goodkind?

    I noticed there is no Terry Goodkind in the Author's section. Why is that? As I do not speak often about fantasy books in my personal life, I ask you all. How is he received by fans of fantasy? I like his early work, however, it seems that it has really fell off in recent years. Just...
  13. Brian G Turner

    Morality in Goodkind's Wizard's First Rule

    SPOILERS! I did - mostly - enjoy the book Wizard's First Rule. I thought for the most part the storytelling was very effective. However, it's left a really bad after taste with regards to the morality of the characters. Now, I don't mind being challenged on issues of morality - heck, I...
  14. Brian G Turner

    Review: Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind

    This wasn't a book I'd normally want to read. I've seen too many online discussions dismissing Goodkind as a writer. And after reading about the "evil chicken scene" ... well, let's just say I kept Wizard's First Rule at the bottom of my reading pile. I tried flicking through it a while ago...
  15. chongjasmine

    Terry Goodkind's Sword of truth series

    Any of you like terry goodkind's sword of truth series. I am about to read wizard first rule, the first book in the series, and before I do so, I will like to find up how people here think of the series. Do feel free to give your opinions here.
  16. algai'd'siswai

    Is Terry Goodkind any good?

    Looking to start a new series after The Book of the New Sun, it's either between The Malazan Book of the Fallen by Erikson or The Sword of Truth by Goodkind So, chrons, what would be the wiser choice Is there a reason Goodkind doesn't have his own sub forum? Is he a poor writer?
  17. J

    Recommended reading for fan of Terry Goodkind/Jim Butcher

    Unlike most people in this site I do actually love Terry Goodkind and his work. Richard is a fantastic character to follow, and it is a very enjoyable read, if although, it does drag late into the series. I also really enjoy Jim Butcher and his novels. Anything that will be similar to these two...
  18. Laerten

    Terry Goodkind TV Series

    I have just found out that 'Legend of the Seeker' starts on the Sci-fi Channel on Thursday at 8 p.m. I managed to struggle through all the books but found it to be one of the worst fantasy series I have ever read, should I even bother watching the series? All the reviews I have read about...
  19. Sapphie

    Sword of Truth series (Terry Goodkind)

    Well, this is my first thread so if its crap, my apologies. I first discovered these books by my mum and uncle, they were ranting and raving that these books were being made into a TV series and showed me the trailer for it. And i was like "Oh wow! Fantasy love/adventure story!" and started...
  20. Sire Of Dragons

    Terry Goodkind Sword Of Truth/ Good Or Bad?

    I had been under the impression that this was quit a popular series amongst fantasy readers. Did I miss something? Has the series of books gone downhill?