china mieville

  1. sinister42

    Just posting here that I'm going to see Mr. Mieville in person tonight AAAH

    He's coming to Portland for a tribute to Ursula K. LeGuin. I brought a copy of Iron Council with me to work on the off chance I can get him to sign it. *jiggles excitedly like an overexcited vodyanoi*
  2. E

    Perdido audiobook error?

    Hi guys, I was going to buy the Audible audiobook of Perdido Street Station, but several of the reviews (albeit older reviews) mention editing errors where a chunk of the book is missing. Does anybody know if that’s still the case or if it’s been corrected? :)
  3. sinister42

    The Last Days of New Paris

    Just came out today and I bought it. Absolutely blown away by the first few pages. I'm both a Francophile and a huge fan of surrealism, so it's as if this book were written specifically for me.
  4. Ursa major

    BBC Radio Four's Book of the Month is City and the City

    On tomorrow's programme (Thursday the 5th of November at 15:30 GMT), fantasy writer China Miéville talks about his novel The City & The City, a crime thriller set in a parallel world. With James Naughtie and a group of readers.
  5. S

    Favourite Mieville Excerpts? Writing a suite of illustrative music

    I've been commissioned to write a new suite of music and have decided to write pieces based on excerpts from Mieville's works. They will probably be narrated, and include some improvisation. I have read the 3 Bas Lag books, Kraken and Looking For Jake. Some ideas I already have are the 'demons...
  6. P

    The Tain

    Hello, Right now I am reading China´s post-apocaliptic story The Tain and what seems strange to me is the fact all things capable of reflection (tiles, mirrors, water etc.) were destroyed by the imagos in their coming through but human eyes which are also able to reflect things were untouched...
  7. Brian G Turner

    Best China Mieville book?

    I realised that I still haven't read anything by China Mieville, and this is something I should rectify. Any suggestions as to the best book to introduce me to his writing?
  8. Silver Owl

    Three Moments of an Explosion: Stories (2015)

    Mieville has a new short fiction collection coming out in July 2015. It's been a while since he released anything so I am really looking foreword to this.
  9. JonLaidlow

    Polynia - new story at Tor, July 2014

    China's story POLYNIA was published on the Tor website in July:
  10. Jesse412

    Dial H

    Has anyone else read his Dial H series for DC Comics? I thought it was one of the best titles DC has put out in years. It's only 17 issues and it's collected in two TPBs.
  11. S

    The City and the City, China Miéville

    18th June 2010 01:16 PM Ian Sales The City and the City, China Miéville Pan, 373pp, £7.99 pbk Ever since the publication of Perdido Street Station ten years ago, China Miéville has been a darling of the UK genre literati. This is not entirely surprising – he’s intellectual yet commercial, a...
  12. S

    Embassytown, China Miéville

    15th March 2012 02:13 PM Ian Sales Embassytown, China Miéville 2011, Pan, 405pp, £7.99 There can be little doubt that China Miéville’s is currently the poster boy for British genre writing. His novels routinely appear on award shortlists – he has won the Arthur C Clarke Award three times, a...
  13. S

    Mieville's The City & The City wins Clarke Award

    29th April 2010 07:10 AM Elaine Frei The City & The City, by China Miéville, was awarded the Arthur C. Clarke Award at the opening night festivities of the SCI-FI LONDON Film Festival, in London. Miéville previously won the Clarke Award for Perdido Street Station in 2001 and for Iron...
  14. S

    China Mieville Interview

    2nd October 2004 11:20 AM Jayaprakash Satyamurthy chronicles: When did you start writing, telling stories, possibly with the aim of being published eventually? China Mieville:: I always loved writing, but it was when I was about 15 that I decided I’d like to do it professionally. I sent...
  15. L

    Perdido Street Station

    Rather than turning the Book Hauls into a discussion thread I thought I'd start a new one for this book I've just ordered. Now as some of you know I'm currently making my way through the SF Masterworks series so this is a bit of a deviation from that but I happened to be in Waterstones today and...
  16. AE35Unit

    Kraken by China Mieville (2010)

    Well this is a strange one!I had this book for Christmas one year as I thought it might be interesting. It certainly started well and at one point it was hard to put down, but Mieville appears to have a weird writing style, inventing words and phrases out of nowhere, and using ' big clever...
  17. Werthead

    Railsea by China Mieville

    The railsea: a network of metal rails and wooden slats which extends in all directions, covering the hostile, animal-filled earth which is too dangerous to walk on. Great islands and continents of rock rise between the rails, on which cities, towns and people exist. Sailing the railsea are...
  18. C

    Looking for Jake

    I realize there is already a thread about 'Looking for Jake' to discuss the stories within the collected work itself, but this question is regarding the story itself. While I loved almost all of the stories within the collection (except for 'On the Way to the Front' perhaps), the title story...
  19. Werthead

    Iron Council by China Mieville

    Iron Council by China Mieville
  20. Werthead

    Embassytown by China Mieville

    Avice is an immerser, a person who flits between worlds by sailing the immer, the strange sea of time and space that underlines our own. To satisfy his curiosity, she takes her new husband to see her homeworld of Arieka, where the native Hosts communicate in a language unlike any other known to...