Favourite Mieville Excerpts? Writing a suite of illustrative music


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Aug 6, 2015
I've been commissioned to write a new suite of music and have decided to write pieces based on excerpts from Mieville's works. They will probably be narrated, and include some improvisation. I have read the 3 Bas Lag books, Kraken and Looking For Jake. Some ideas I already have are the 'demons of motion' from Iron Council - thinking off-kilter and industrial rhythms for the train itself with frolicking melodies for the demons.
Also I think I could write something very interesting to go with 'Entry Taken From a Medical Encyclopaedia' from Looking for Jake, outlining the various stages of the disease 'Wormword.'
I'm currently refreshing my memory on what I've read but would love suggestions from people here on excerpts they think could be turned into great music.
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