China & H. G. Wells

phileas fogg

Science fiction fantasy
Jul 1, 2023
China Miéville claims to be continuing the tradition of H. G. Wells because he writes science fiction novels that are not bound by any of the rules of realism that Jules Verne claims to follow but China is not writing in the style of Wells. China may be correct that science fiction does not need to be bound by any rules of realism but China is not doing this. Before you can write like Wells you must first write like Verne & China does not even write like Dan Brown, a contemporary novelist of thrillers I have no problem with. Let's not even get around to J. G. Ballard who is even worse than China but is championed by so many other writers for some strange reason. The only writer I'm aware of who actually writes in the style of H. G. Wells is David Foster Wallace.
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