Vernor Vinge - Audiobooks (A Fire Upon the Deep)


Sep 9, 2022
Hi VV Fans,
If you follow my threads you'll see I'm very much into consuming content in written and audio formats. I like to read a chapter and then listen to one in the car or at the gym. This allows me to get thru books faster then just reading them when time permits. That said, today's book is "A Fire Upon the Deep" by Vernor Vinge. I got a legal copy to listen to thru a library site (Overdrive/Libby). This a great source to listen to an audiobook free, but a pain in @ss given that it is comprised of large streaming files and isn't broken down into chapters. Audible lets you jump to each chapter beginning, but this isn't always possible from other sites.

To that end, I've created a summary list of chapters and rough lengths. If you do the Library Rental thing to listen to it, you'll need to figure out which chapter you are on and do the math to get to the one you want. Here is the list in text format in case you want to copy it into excel and have it do the math for you. Also you'll find a JPG file on the bottom here to be able to download the list as an image if that helps. Times might be slightly different by a second or two....but it will get your there fast.
Happy Listening
Chapter 10:12:13Chapter 220:20:25
Chapter 20:22:02Chapter 230:36:40
Chapter 30:08:41Chapter 240:31:18
Chapter 40:38:55Chapter 250:29:18
Chapter 50:39:18Chapter 260:25:53
Chapter 60:17:38Chapter 270:15:16
Chapter 70:28:02Chapter 280:35:30
Chapter 80:43:57Chapter 290:21:00
Chapter 90:08:21Chapter 300:34:35
Chapter 100:14:38Chapter 310:53:17
Chapter 110:22:17Chapter 320:38:23
Chapter 120:27:39Chapter 331:06:54
Chapter 130:30:36Chapter 340:33:31
Chapter 140:46:07Chapter 350:53:47
Chapter 150:30:39Chapter 360:39:28
Chapter 160:47:29Chapter 370:32:25
Chapter 170:17:02Chapter 380:40:40
Chapter 180:46.31Chapter 390:39:19
Chapter 190:13:14Chapter 400:29:47
Chapter 200:16:31Chapter 410:33:16
Chapter 210:07:54Epilogue1:03:47


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