Stranger Things - S1E8 - Chapter 8: The Upside Down

Brian G Turner

Fantasist & Futurist
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Nov 23, 2002
Dr. Brenner holds Hopper and Joyce for questioning while the boys wait with Eleven in the gym. Back at Will's, Nancy and Jonathan prepare for battle.

This was such a strong and dramatic ending for what has been an absolutely superb series so far - everything apparently wrapped up nicely. This season has been as emotional as it has been exciting - especially the recent scenes of Hopper remembering his daughter dying of cancer, and then at the end how he places food for Eleven to find, just in case she's still around.

I never watched before because we've only ever subscribed to a service for a month or so to watch a specific show, and although I'd heard Stranger Things was good, I wanted to wait for my middle child to return from uni so we could watch it as a family. However, absolutely worth it's praise and more so far.

Have to admit being a little reticent about watching season 2, as I'm not sure how they can follow the story. Perhaps the search for Eleven?

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