Stranger Things - S1E4 - Chapter Four: The Body

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
Another great episode as the reveal opens up that it looks like it's Will's body found in the quarry - but then we have the strange situation of state troopers having found it, even though it's not their jurisdiction, and a complete stranger doing the official autopsy. It was good to see Hopper chasing this up as suspicious through the episode, and the push on government cover-up being involved.

Winona Ryder's character again continues to impress as the distraught mother who look insane to everyone else, but whose disturbing behaviour has a real motivation only we can share with her. It was touching when she ripped back the wallpaper to find a portal there and Will trapper behind it, and especially the way she went to the shed to get the ax so she could help him next time.

Of course, we also have the incident in the school where the boys take El to use the radio - again, very reminiscent of ET. We have the assembly scene with the "mouth breather" predictably shamed by El, then the incident at the radio itself to show her channeling Will through it. It was another great heartfelt scene, and especially the way El's weakness from doing this was shown - physically having to be wheeled out from the school.

We also have Nancy and Jonathan finally come together as she literally picks up the pieces of the photograph to show the shadowy figure, and finally - and thankfully without drawing this out - Nancy and Jonathan's stories corroborate, so now he knows something's going on for real and that his mom isn;t going mad.

And then, of course, the shocking episode finale of Hopper discovering the body is just a dummy...

This is a really great series so far - plenty of story, tension, intelligent, well-acted, and full of heart. Great stuff. :)

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