Stranger Things - S1E1 - Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
Thought we'd finally give Stranger Things a go, seeing as it's apparently the most viewed series on Netflix.

Enjoyed the old-fashioned D&D role-playing at the start, but then it got a lot more tense than I was expecting when Will saw the figure in the road and didn't just run - he ran through the house and to the shed and starting loading a gun.

The police chief started off looking like a dufuss, but I really liked it how when he finally looked at the house and shed he realized something might be really wrong and organized a search party - good to see this character showing intelligence instead of acting conveniently stupid.

The introduction of Eleven was interesting - clearly another plot thread here. I liked the way you shared Eleven's nervousness, not knowing if Benny was going to try to harm her or not, so it was great to see him being helpful - and shocking when he was shot.

Altogether, although I knew Stranger Things had a big reputation, I was really surprised how strong and tense the first episode was.
Going to be fun to see someone go through the same journey I did.

First time I watched I hoped on in a later season and I only watched the first episode recently. I agree with everything you say.

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