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Danny McG

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Sep 9, 2016
Cumbria UK
I've seen some places online mention that Tim Pratt had a novel "Nigh Space" out last year, however I can't find any info anywhere!
So did he or has he actually had a book with that title published?
Hi Danny. Goodreads shows this title as delayed till January 2, 2079.

HOWEVER, in doing some research, I found a book that might be Nigh Space, but renamed The Knife and the Serpent. Could this be your book? It's being released on Kindle in the States this June 11th, I think. See the link below:

(Aargh - the link didn't work. Maybe just check by the title.)
Cheers both
It does indeed look like he changed the title.

However I'm now convinced I've heard of Nigh Space before, is it maybe one of those "SF universe things" where different writers contribute novels?
I found references to several short stories in that Universe when I looked into the book. (I think one was being republished.)

This is Pratt's post at his Twitter account about the new novel, from 25 Jan, 2022:

For those who liked "A Champion of Nigh-Space" and "A Princess of Nigh-Space," you'll be pleased to hear I'm doing a novel in that world, tentatively titled Conquest of Nigh-Space! Just made the deal, so details pending, but multiversal space-opera fun awaits...
(I think he mentioned that it would be released in 2023)

It looks as though he re-named (maybe re-worked?) the novel based on the Nigh-Space Universe several times. And this must be where the 2023 original publication date comes from.
Wow, even I might have another book out by then.
I hope so! I think my wife would read aloud the third Fire Stealers book for me, so I do hope that arrives before 2079. :)

(And on that date being given at Goodreads, I think that far-future year may have been picked randomly when Pratt delayed the release of the book, in 2023... maybe?)
However I'm now convinced I've heard of Nigh Space before

From one of the comments on the book on that Goodreads page:
This novel contains and continues two of his short stories, “A Champion of Nigh-Space” and “A Princess of Nigh-Space”, which form the basis of the first few chapters here.
Whether this is true/accurate or not, I have no idea... but you may have seen (mention of) one or both of those short stories.

Oops! I see Cat's Cradle has already pointed this out.
I've now got his book The knife and the serpent - it does indeed mention "Nigh Space" in the very first paragraph.
We shall see how the story goes.

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