The wrong stars by Tim Pratt

Danny McG

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Sep 9, 2016
Cumbria UK

The Wrong Stars

A salvage and security spacecraft with an assorted crew of cyborgs and damaged people find an old cryoship near Neptune. It should be fifty light years further away. One female is revived who gasps out a warning about alien first contact before passing out.

The salvage crew break it to her that they've traded resources for technology with aliens for generations, the same species, known as Liars, everywhere in the galaxy.

It soon becomes clear that the unknown aliens (The Axiom) are a much more fearsome prospect and we then have a wormhole journey to quell the new threat. This involves a somewhat tedious mission through a near derelict alien space station….through corridors, back again, through more corridors, back again, through yet more corridors Yadda yadda.

There are various set pieces of fighting in a low key Honor Harrington manner, both before and after this mission, the story resumes with our happy band setting off to rid the Galaxy of quisling Liars.

TBH a lot of the scenes seemed very 'tropish’ and oh so familiar.

Still it wasn't a bad bit of Space Opera, quite enjoyable, I've read a lot worse.


Mar 7, 2019
Newcastle Australia
Yes, the predictable - at least it was in space. With aliens. A lot of SF is more what used to be classified 'futurism' not to be confused with the Russian Futurists [pity]. Sort of future society with some gadgets and a lot of rehashed dystopian endlessness. Glad for your appraisal.