What are your Opinions of these Novels?

Dave Vicks

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Sep 19, 2020
I am curious.
THE WASP FACTORY (Controversial)
The wasp factory wasn't too bad of a story.
The other two were too annoying to read with the rubbish spelling etc, I know it was meant to be significant but, to me, it was like getting asked to read a school story written by a 7 year old.
Feersum Edjinn is excellent if you can tune into the narrative style and understand a bit of Glaswegian. One of my favourite Iain M, but I can see why some really do not get on with it.

I read Wasp Factory when it first came out and was very controversial ( much less so now than in the 1980s, I would guess). Banks’ breakthrough publication. I enjoyed it. Have not reread it.

Riddley Walker is on my shelves and I need to read it. I think some effort is required because of the dialogue. Short snatches I have read have been interesting.
Work of genius IMO (though its strike rate among people I know is pretty low).

THE WASP FACTORY (Controversial)
I thought it was great when I first read it in my twenties. On a reread a couple of decades later, I wasn't so impressed. I got the feeling Banks set out to do something that made an impact (much like Iain McEwan's first novel, The Cement Garden). Also, I'm not sure the twist fits with the narrative.
Have only read The Wasp Factory (three times) and consider it to be very good indeed. Though it does lose a bit of impact after the first reading because the twist is known.
I've only read Feersum Enjinn oif those three and it was a DNF as i struggled with the chapters that were written phonetically. I've got it loaded as my next audio book and will start listening to it on Tuesday when i return to work.

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