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Nov 10, 2008
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It's over four years since the SFF Sisters here on Chrons put our heads together and created DISTAFF, a science fiction anthology of nine short stories by nine female authors.

We've had a good run with the anthology, but we've decided that it's time to call it a day and remove it from Amazon. We've not fixed on a precise Removal Day as yet, but it's likely to be in about 10 days time.

This is your last chance to buy the paperback version of DISTAFF**

We're currently in talks with an indie publisher who might take on the ebook, but that's not guaranteed.

This might well be a final opportunity to buy any version of it

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DISTAFF was among the first anthologies -- perhaps the very first -- to be all SF (no fantasy), all new and original work (no reprints) by only female authors (no men). What surely made it unique is that wasn’t simply conceived and written by women, but was edited, managed and produced by us, from concept to cover, through beta-reading, formatting and beyond, with help from our female friends here on Chrons together with magnificent support at all levels from fellow Chronners.

But we didn't just rely on our feminist principles - we produced thumping good stories! Five of the nine tales, together with the cover, were longlisted in the British Science Fiction Association Awards, and Sue Boulton's splendid story, Ab Initio, won a coveted place in the 2019 Best of British SF anthology.

So do yourself a favour and buy one of the best SF anthologies around while you've still got the chance!

Amazon UK: Distaff: A Science Fiction Anthology by female authors eBook: Jane O'Reilly, Rosie Oliver, Kerry Buchanan, E J Tett, Juliana Spink Mills, Damaris Browne, Shellie Horst, Susan Boulton, Sam Primeau: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store

** OK, the lawyer in me is havering about that line, so for anyone else who is needlessly pedantic, you might be able to get a used paperback, if someone somewhere is silly enough to part with his/her own copy, but this is your last chance to buy a new, unused, one. Happy now?? *wanders off muttering*

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