Why the vitriolic hate for Jarod?


Jan 11, 2024
I'm rewatching this great old series, but I can't remember why Miss Parker has such a "hate-on" for Jarod. Why does she feel such hatred for Jarod? Why the acidic vitriol? I'm not understanding her motivation. What? Is she pissed because Jarod doesn't love her or something? I'm only through about the first half of season one, and there has been no illumination on this matter.
She gets her freedom when Jarod is caught or killed, so maybe she resents him and it is easier to hate someone you're trying to kill.
No, doesn't explain the intensity of her emotion that she feels towards Jarod. That kind of emotion makes sense only when it's very, very personal. She doesn't simply dislike him, or resent him, she hates him with an abiding passion. She has a grudge, and I want to know why. Why does she feel the desire so deeply to capture or even kill him? They were friends...of a sort...when children, so what happened in Miss Parker's mind to justify her heated hatred of him? She gets ulcers because she hates him so much; her hatred is literally eating her up inside. That's not just career; something personal is motivating her.

...And, by the way, she'll never be free. She's not so stupid that she doesn't realize that.
I suspect it has something to do with her "daddy." I think Jarod revealed something of him to her, and she hates him for it. As Shakespeare put it, "Methinks the lady doth protest too loudly."
...And Mr. Raines is a total friggin' idiot, too. He is dying, and he's more bent upon wrecking Jarod than Miss Parker is. That makes no goddamned sense at all. What the Hell does he get out of Jarod's ruination? Logically, everyone hating on Jarod makes no friggin' sense at all. Sorry, but logic fails at this point. The screen writers and directors are goddamned morons.
All righty, then. Evidently, the short answer is: Nobody knows. Stick a fork in me; I'm done here.

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