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Dec 13, 2015
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I am looking for a fictional group that is an elite executive protection unit of the Pharaoh. The only thing I can come up with is "Vipers". But that has probably been done to death. I asked this because the prologue of the story that I'm trying to self-edit is called ~ "The Devil of the Desert". It starts in 850 BC and ends in 1892. It's a part of the "Cassidy, Hired Gun" action-adventure/western series.
How about the Sherdan, or Shardana, sea raiders that became personal guards?


Wikipedia said:
The first certain mention of the Sherden is found in the records of Ramesses II (ruled 1279-1213 BC), who defeated them in his second year (1278 BC) when they attempted to raid Egypt's coast. The pharaoh subsequently incorporated many of these warriors into his personal guard.

How about Falcons? Horus was a God in the form of a falcon who protected the Pharoah. I suppose it would make sense for his earthly protectors to also be called 'falcons'.

I would definitely read up on Egyptian ancient history before making your choice, to make sure the name you choose is appropriate.

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