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Feb 21, 2006
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Remembrance of Old Wiring

Everyone gave their condolences to her at his funeral; he was electrocuted renovating their aging house.

After his wake, and now alone, she whispered out to him, and his reading lamp flickered. The electricity took his life but left his soul within the old wiring. And as she moved through the house, his current turned on the lights for her as she walked into their room and off when she was in bed.

Turning on the electric blanket, she felt the current warm it to his familiar shape, with his arm around her, keeping her warm thought the night.
Overlord Dunsoggany Returns -the electric third installment of Bork Spundelaw's Opera Cosmosis

Galactic Prince Dynamo Ramjet sighed.
'Hallomph', he said, 'the Martian Space Force is puny, if you’d let me take one starfighter I could help them.'

'No. You are needed here on Earth young Dynamo', insisted Queen Kerzap.

'But Overlord Dunsoggany will surely attack the path of least resistance, and that is Mars.'

'Trust me. He will attack Earth -if I know your father he'll do things the hard way.'

'What? Overlord Dunsoggany is my father!'

'Ah Dynamo, I'm sorry you had to find out like this, I knew it would come as a shock, that's why I grounded you.'
Appreciation of now

My canoe tipped in the rapids, sending me over into the fast-moving river and down into its grasps.

I struggled to swim against its currents as it pulled me down under, my lungs aching with each stroke. Bubbles swirled around me as I gave into the river’s overwhelming strength. I went from panic, curiosity, to acceptance as I was buffeted by overflowing thoughts of dread.

I hit something. Below me, its bright luminesce pushed me up against the river’s wrath. Up and out of the river and onto the shore, to the present, as I gasped for air.
After gathering firewood, Arn walked to the cave of Tho, the storyteller. His sister Mar toddled behind him.

"Tell us about the magic time," Arn said to the old man.

"The flying people." Mar clapped her tiny hands.

Tho shook his head. Silver braids whispered against his cloak. "No. I will speak of the fluid that made night brighter than day, that fed metal slaves to do our work."

Lectricty. It was a fable for little children like Mar. Arn was almost a man now, ready to hunt the wild dogs. He knew there had never been such a thing.
If the winds change, don’t follow.

The winds changed as a hawk circled in the calm rising air currents above. My drone locked on to it and followed.

Auttum leaves fell in random but noticeable patterns as I hiked the cold forest trails. Harsh winds calling out as I traveled along.

Follow us. The falling leaves know where to go.

But still, my overhead drone followed the soring raptor. And so, I followed my drone’s path and fought against the storm and its confusing wind currents and blinding snow.

I was rewarded by finding the surviving transport in the valley down below.
Must I face this now?

Rest, my friend. All that matters is this current moment, here, together.

No thoughts of the past when we chased sticks and each other around the old walnut tree. No thoughts of the many rabbits we tracked and caught in and around the many hedgerows and stone walls along the countryside.

All that matters is this current moment as the future is fast approaching, a future that will soon replace this current one with an unwanted truth; one without you.

Close your eyes and sleep, for that moment is now upon us. I'll remember you forever, my friend.
Shadow Love

I was waiting at the local coffee shop, just as we planned.

As I waited for her arrival, I admired the rising steam from my coffee as it moved like her, while customers came and went. Their movements caused the hot steam from the coffee to swirl, coil, and sway.

A sudden pause, followed by a coil caused me to eagerly look around. I could almost feel her presence with every customer entering and leaving the coffee shop.

Then all went still.

“Been waiting for me, my love?”

Take my advice, never date a Ninja.
The infernal pontification of Jake Splonze

Celebrity bag of wind and industrialist Jake Splonze was surprised.
  • He had been taken to hell by the devil.
  • This was not unexpected.
  • What was unexpected was that the devil was looking for advice.
D’ya know I’ve forgotten why I brought ya here Jake, there is so much evil going on in the world today that I’m feeling a bit irrelevant -what’s a demon to do?’

‘You’re in luck, devil. I can help. Hell is all wrong for a start. It should be molten rock. At 45 million PSI.’

D’ya know Jake, I just remembered why I brought you here.’
Keeping Up with the Martians

Martians, the B'zonks lived across the street from the Hamiltons. They were a recent addition to a reluctant neighborhood.

One day, the B'zonks bought a new entertainment system. Upon hearing this, the Hamiltons bought one. The B'zonks bought a PS10. So did the Hamiltons. The B'zonks bought a holographic front yard. Mr. Hamilton was furious; how could they afford such a thing?

Mr. Hamilton stormed over to the Martians' house. Mr. B'zonk answered.

"Hey--," was all the human could say.

"Howdy, neighbor," said the Martian, "Care to join us?"

Not quite knowing why, Hamilton shook his fourth hand and did.
An Unforgiving Mistress

Wind raced and waves crested, the current of the sea moving in violent opposition to the blow of the storm. Upon his perch the Captain stayed calm — at least on the outside — and attempted to maneuver his vessel through the maelstrom.

Beyond the flashes of lightning and blasts of salt spray he could sense, more than see, an end to it all. As useless as the compass was at the moment, some unknown force guided his turn of the helm.

Right to the edge of a massive whirlpool that sent them to the abyss of Davy Jones’ locker.
  • Governor Tombelog was initially wary of the human salesman.
  • But the pitch was convincing.
'It's called the internet, it's changed Earth, once everyone on Mars has a receiver you can brainwash them with any old drivel.'

'Could I make Martians think they need me to be their leader for life?'


'And are you sure they'll become addicted?'

'Of course, the electronic narrative is irresistible.’


‘Simple, it lies -for example, just take a look at this video.'

'That is impressive, how did he fit all those blocks into a Fiat Punto?'

'Keep looking, what happens next will shock you.'
The shocking truth about Antares

Nurse Cleaver glanced in at the patient as the doctor spoke.

'I had to pressure space command to allow me treat this patient. He was part of the Antares mission. Whatever those poor souls saw left them paralyzed with fear. At least now his torment is over. The high beam cerebral pulses will have erased all sources of trauma from his memory. They never fail, you can tell him he's being discharged.'

Nurse Cleaver nodded, and entered the ward.

'Good news cosmonaut’, she announced,’ your family is coming to collect you, you’re being discharged.'

'Family? I don't have a family.'
The incredible selling skills of Bork Zungalow

Intergalactic anorak merchant Bork Zungalow was feeling enthusiastic.

He had just been to Korilla, the galaxy's wettest windiest planet, and had left with a rocket full of coats.

'If you can't sell jackets on Korilla, then you may give up', he thought.

  • Earth was different.
  • It showed promise.
  • A crowd gathered the minute he landed.
  • They gasped in amazement as he spoke.
Bork unfangled his onterior spline and fomgulated nitric acid from his uppermost snout onto the garment.

Several onlookers fainted.

'I know it's a shock, but these really are the best jackets in the galaxy', he neighed.
Batteries Not Included

"The Rebel base is in range, Lord Vader."

"Excellent. Fire!"


"What happened? And why've the lights gone out?"

"No electricity."

"Whose turn was it to fill the meter?"

"Yours, Mister V."

"I'm altering the deal."

"Forget it, we're all broke. Do you realise the cost of powering a Death Star?"

"I... seem to have left my wallet in my meditation chamber."

"How convenient!"

"What do you mean?"

"Last time you claimed two droids pinched it. Time before that Ewoks ate it. Anyway what about the Rebel base?"

"We'll let them off with a very stern warning."

*sigh* "Yes sir."
Well it sounds the same

He tried to move and shrieked inwardly in pain, his eye, it was gone!

His body was held immobile, his mind screamed in terror and despair as his leg was ripped off, followed swiftly by one of his arms.

“No, please!” he thought as his other eye was plucked out and waves of pain ripped through him and he was plunged into darkness.
He felt bitter relief as his head was crushed and all torment ceased.

Lucy giggled as she ate the rest of the gingerbread man, “I don’t like currants Mother, I always bin them”
A Lazy Afternoon on the River

The river slowly carried her along while she gently floated downstream on her back. Overhead, the afternoon sun shone through the fluttering green leaves of cottonwoods and willows growing along the river’s banks. Shades of yellow and green sparkled against a background of sky blue as the eddies and currents paused and spun her around for a better view of the show above.

The sights and sounds of nearby birds and incest’s added to the sense of peace and tranquility she was feeling here above. The river maid then turned over and descended to her awaiting pet catfish.
To Hold Power in one’s Hand

“Behold! My latest invention to solve the energy crisis. Lighting in a bottle!”

“Lighting in a what?”

“Lighting in a bottle! I’ll never rely on commercial electric power again!”

“Sound great! How does it work?”

“Simple, you wait for a thunderstorm, then stand outside with your tea pinky high in the air and wait.”

“Wait for what?”

“For lighting to strike, so you can capture it in a glass jar you provide yourself!”


“It’s true! But you must cap it real fast.”

“You’re mad.”

“Look! There’s some now!”

“I don’t see anything.”


“Missed it by this much…”
Fronkonstone; or, the Antiquated Prometheus

"Ygor, pull the switch," ordered Professor Fronkonstone.

The generators cracked into action. Lightning arced. The smell of ozone permeated the air. The creature stirred.

"It lives! It lives!" cried Fronkonstone.

"What am I?" muttered the creature, looking around.

"You're my beautiful creation," answered Fronkonstone.

"Then I must destroy you," growled the creature. "Ooo, those lights are pretty," it simpered. "I will be the world's destructor! Though I'll spare kittens and puppies. Hate all! Love everyone. Kill! Kiss. Everything must be annihilated! But first I'd like a nice cup of tea."

"Ygor, you zounderkite," sighed Fronkonstone. "You engaged the alternating current."
"Shock Therapy"

The Director led the crowd down a long hall. Soon they were in an area surrounded by cages containing men, all seated. They were strapped with black devices over their jumpsuits.

The director showed them to a man imprisoned for the attempted murder. They adjusted their dials, all varying, and pressed there buttons. He was moderately shocked.

He showed them a man who had killed ten people. The electricity went through him, leaving him howling.
They saw the engineer that had made the devices. He'd given up his profession to distance himself from his inventions.

They shocked him to death.