November / December 100 Word Anonymous Challenge 2022 Discussion

Tit for Tat - sweet revenge?

Zumpleflong’s Anatomy Lesson - an anonymous sequel with injury in all the wrong places

PSA - ego has been found to be the leading cause of injury amongst superheroes
Cold of Heart - literally broken

Survivor - the truth hurts

Jedi Mind Trip - lightsabers are not toys
Final Valore - just in the nick of time

A Drink To Our Legs - eh, who needs ‘em anyway?

Prosthetics - spare body parts came in handy
A Friend in Need… - the healing power of talk

The Second Hand Shop - like father like son

HR Issues - then doubt creeps in
Injury Time - football: a timeless (and placeless) sport

Personal Injury - these ambulance chasers just won’t quit will they?

The problem with Intergalactic taxi driving - those glass sliders between front and rear seats can be useful
The unfaithful mirror - once again the earth is saved by a withered exterior vestibule

Trudgealong Rankle and the vacant Emperor - new job = inherited mess

See To It! - the trials and tribulations of upper management
Warrior Princess - if at first you don’t succeed…

Space Truck’n Bar & Grill - clumsy much?

Family TIEs - George Lucas meets Monty Python
You too? - always find it the last place you look

Operation Nightingale - weeding out the less serious cases

Designation H19187-ks993, MIA - “Take a look to the sky just before you die, it’s the last time you will” - Metallica, For Whom the Bell Tolls
Survival Instinct - experiments can go awry

Dogmeat - sometimes you’re the savee, sometimes you’re the saver

From a Mother to a Son - the afterlife is actually repeat last state
A Call for Help - you broke it you fix it

The growing pains of Zalderbon Pendrocknel - any day without heart stabbing pain is a good day

Local Wit - ask and ye shall receive
Pain Harvester - if one is good two is better!

Casualty - the ultimate injury

Wait a Second - I’m still going with drunk
I had 4 stories in my short list, and they were all very close.

Zumpleflong's anatomy lesson
Growing pains of Zalberdon Pendocknel
injury time

I voted for injury time. But honestly could have voted for any one of these. Well done to all.
Also I can't explain how, but I have this weird suspicion I know who wrote 'Zumpleflongs anatomy lesson' and 'Growing pains of Zalberbon Pendocknel'.
Forgot we could vote for two stories. Gave one to 'Growing pains of Zaberdon Pendocknel'

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