What would be the best type of armour setup for a Witcher or similar?


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Jul 26, 2021
I've seen a couple of shall we say, practical attempts to recreate functional armour based on the Witcher 3, a combination of leather and chainmail that you start that game off with is one youtubers current work in progress, and that got me thinking. Just what kind of armour would work best for a Witcher or Witcher like character? Something that's going to give the best all round protection from regular attacks, magic attacks, monster attacks and so on, but not be too heavy.

Like a lot of games and Movies/TV shows they don't seem to go into too much detail about how the armour is made, worn and so on. I'd assume the setup would be along the lines of a gambeson or arming doublet or similar to be worn first even if we can't really see any evidence of it, then some form of armour like a brigandine. But would additional or different layers help or hinder at all?

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