Alien spaceship under Hawaii ... melting down


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Oct 17, 2023
In I believe the early to mid 1990s I read an account, not a "story", in probably Analog Science Fiction Mag, which suggested that the anomalous volcanic activity of the Hawaiian Islands was due to a crash of an alien spacecraft ... its matter/anti-matter core burning a hole down to the magma.
Does anyone recall such an article and can you let me know how to find it?
I remember a story in a similar vein-- crashed spaceship on Earth, its hyperdrive partially active. Mission from the home world arrives to shut it down fully. One officer makes a comment, "Their science is built on the effects caused by the drive. Shutting it down will mean their science will have to start over." "Yes, but the drive can't remain active."
I don't think it was an engine core burning through to the magma, however.
In Analog, it might have been one of their short "not quite plausible" bits.
Thanks. I don't recall that story, but I'm pretty certain that it was an "explanation" for the 70 million year old volcanic plume out there making the Hawaiian island chain that the Pacific plate is moving over. I was writing something you see, and suddenly recalled that it wasn't my idea. So I'm trying to track it down.

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