scientists create fake spaceship crash and fake alien DNA?


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Jul 11, 2016
Hi. Does anyone know the name of a book about a group of scientists employed by the government to create a fake spaceship crash? After completion of the project all the scientists are killed. However, one scientist put "memory dna" in a piece of chocolate for someone to eat telling the whole story. The purpose of the fake crash was to unite the world because society was falling apart.
There was an episode of The Outer Limits with a similar plot in the 1960s... One man volunteered to undergo an extreme surgical makeover to become an 'alien.' Problem was his spaceship landed in a swamp or other out-of-the-way area, not the UN or similar public venue, and he was injured. He spends the episode trying to get back to his wife.
I was reminded of The Outer Limits as well, it was an outstanding episode called The Architects of Fear, apparently "inspired by" rather than "based on" a 1948 Theodore Sturgeon short story called Unite and Conquer which may meet the "book" aspect - though I don't have a copy so can't confirm any plot correspondence. It's been reprinted in several collections.
My apologies. The book is Wild Card by Raymond Hawkey. Premise very close to "The Flying Saucer." Thanks again!

--Here's a book review --
"The premise of the story is that, in a time of societal disintegration with terrorists setting off nukes in DC and the world descending into anarchy, the President and his Science Advisor cook up a plan to "rally the world" against a new foe - alien invaders. To do this, they assemble an elite team of scientists to create a (fake) flying saucer with dead occupants (bio-engineered) and crash this saucer into LA, killing 10,000 people. The saucer and its occupants have to be scientifically believable, as they expect world experts to study the crash site (and verify the alien event). The President hopes this event, this external threat, will cause the world to stop destroying itself and realize its us humans against them, the aliens. The book details the steps the secret scientific team take to build a believable saucer and occupants."

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