Lone Wolf gamebooks

I remember these (just about). I enjoyed them at the time but I don't think I'll revisit them. Past experience suggests it won't end well.
My first 5 books just arrive today.
You can get the gamebooks at Lone Wolf.
I really want to re-live my teenagehood.
Anyone of you play lone wolf before?
Like, the caverns of kalte and those? I stumbled on them in a used bookstore and grabbed the first 5 but haven't been able to bring myself to read them. Might try to "play" them with my kids when they're a bit older.
I don't think I ever read/played these Lone Wolf books, but I did get a few of the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, from Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. They were a different series of the same ilk and very 'D&D'. I definitely had this one, and enjoyed it at the time (1983 I guess):


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