Almost finished complete oeuvre of Sarah J Maas, what to read next?


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Jun 21, 2023

I'm not sure of this is the correct section to ask, but I really hope that you all can give me some advice.
As I almost am finished with the last book of Sarah (House of Sky & Breath), I'm really looking forward to something more to read, but for the heck of all, I cannot find something in my local libary as of yet, of which that looks really interesting.

So I really would like some opinions from you, of what to read.

I normally really like books with a female protagonist more then books with a male protagonist, but still the Sword of Truth is my alltime best fantasy series that I've read, ever.
And also, I really like if there is some romance in the book as well, like there is in Sarah's work, but also like in Terry's work, or even like in Brandon Sanderson's work.
Thirdly I also prefer if there is some growth that I can read in the series. Especially I saw this Growth in Sarah's works, both character and writing wise!
For the rest, it really have to be a series, as I am really not fond of a books that are really just are one book.
I like a rich, epic story, set in a world created with lots of detail by the writer.
And therefore, if the book series contains a map, then that is really a plus point for me.

So, with the all above, I really hope that you all can give me a suggestion!

Ofcourse I have opened the list of goodreads with fantasy books with female protagonists:

But some books are hard to come by in my libary (Graceling, Poison study, Alanna) or some book series havent been completely translated to dutch (Garth Nix books)

For now what seems to be interesting to read is the works of Juliet Marillier, but I'm not sure yet.

The books that I've read so far are:

Terry Goodkind's ouevre
Sanderson's ouevre (at least the books that are translated yet)
Maas' ouevre
Pullman's ouevre (like Sarah's upcoming book, I'm really looking forward to his next book)
Harry potter (ofcourse)
Lotr and almost all of Tolkiens work (also ofcourse)

So, I really hope this gives a good indication of what I'm looking for, and cause there are lots and lots of choices in the fantasy genre, that is why I decided to create this topic.

Thanks in advance for helping me out! And I'm really looking forward to what you are gonna suggest me!

Warm greetings from the Netherlands, from Martijn

Several of Terry Brooks Shannara series books have female leads. Is Warbreaker by Sanderson one of the translated books? If not it is excellent.

Another series I would suggest is Jennifer Fallon's Second Sons trilogy. The Lion of Senet is book one and it follows a hero who uses brains instead of magic to succeed.
Many of Guy Gavriel Kay's books have been translated into Dutch. Women characters are featured in many/most of his books, and a woman shares the lead in his most recent All the Seas of the World .

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