TIE-BREAKER POLL -- April 2023 75 Word Writing Challenge -- EMROSENAGEL WINS!

Tie-breaker Poll -- April 2023 75 Word Writing Challenge

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Ursa major

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Aug 7, 2007
We have a 2-way tie.

You have until 23:59 (GMT) on April the 30th to make your choice.

The two stories still in contention:

Hair of the Dog by emrosenagel

Ding, ding!
The alchemist looked up, and his stomach flopped. What is that? Bristly fur poked out of its pores, human teeth crowded in its long snout. On hind legs with people-toes, the disturbing creature shambled up to the counter.​
"It's a long story," it sighed. "Anyway, I can't seem to turn human or werewolf now. Got anything for that?"​
The alchemist did, actually. Hair of the Dog, to leave inhibition behind for good.​

Arrival by mosaix

Rob saw Mary by the church gate. He smiled. He’d waited a long time. Meeting and marrying her had made a man out of me, he thought.​
Then he saw his daughter and fondly remembered her birth – a moment that changed his life forever. The next generation, her children, were too young to understand the solemnity of the occasion as the coffin – his coffin – passed by.​
Mary waved. He always knew he’d see her again.​
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