Do you read non-cosmere works?


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Aug 2, 2009
Do you read non-cosmere works? For me, beside WOT, I tend not to read non-cosmere works by Brandon Sanderson.

What about you?
I've read (almost) everything Sanderson has written. I really enjoyed The Reckoners series and the Skyward series. I actually think if The Boys hadn't already been adapted for television, The Reckoners would be a great first foray into adaption for the big screen.
I've read the first Skyward novel. Been meaning to read the other two, but I might just wait until the fourth one releases and pick up a box set.
There is also a spin off of three cowritten with another author.
I just finished reading all of the so far published Secret Projects by Brandon Sanderson, those boing Sunlit Man, Yumi and the Nightmare Painter, as well as A Frugal Wizards Guide to Surviving Medieval England.
I am curious to see how others liked them as well as rated them. In my opinion SLM is the best (pretty much being a SLA standalone), with Yumi following and, Frugal coming in last but still being better than most books that are published today.
Agree with your order for the ones you mention, but you have left out the first, Tress of the Emerald Sea.

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