brandon sanderson

  1. Fiberglass Cyborg

    The Lost Metal

    I've just read the long-awaited 7th "Mistborn" novel. Lost quite a lot of sleep to it - a real page turner. Some hopefully not-too-spoilery thoughts: Wayne is much more prominent in this one. It's arguably more his story than Wax's. I liked seeing how the working relationship between Wayne and...
  2. chongjasmine

    Raoden truly is a born leader! (Elantris)

    Raoden truly is born a leader. I am reading the part where he tried to recruit new people to his side and asked them what they are good at doing. And he is so positive even though he is taken by the shaod. Everyone around him has more or less given up on living, but he tried to instill positive...
  3. chongjasmine

    Do you read non-cosmere works?

    Do you read non-cosmere works? For me, beside WOT, I tend not to read non-cosmere works by Brandon Sanderson. What about you?
  4. W

    Free Brandon Sanderson

    Brandon Sanderson has a couple of novels and a bunch of short story for free download on his web site. BRANDON SANDERSON® Online Library | Brandon Sanderson
  5. S

    Recommendation for first Sanderson book

    Hi all. I just finished reading Wheel of Time, and I really enjoyed the Sanderson written books. So thought I'd ask to see if there were any opinions on where to start with Sanderson? I generally prefer less magic dominated fantasy, tbh: Gemmel, ASOIAF, The Dark Tower. But large-scope magical...
  6. chongjasmine

    Need help with cosmere!

    Currently, besides wheel of time, I am only interested to read the cosmere stories written by brandon sanderson. Not interested in those that are not cosmere related. So, how do I find up what is currently published that are part of the cosmere?
  7. Margaret Note Spelling

    The Brandon Sanderson year

    (Don't worry too much! It was very entertaining.)
  8. chongjasmine

    Reading Elantris

    Like Raoden, find his wife kind of childish. Still reading the book.
  9. O

    Stormlight Archive or Mistborn?

    Hi Guys, I'm new and hope that's the right place so ask this. I wanna start reading a good and long Fantasy Book Series and so far my finalists are Stormlight Archive series and the mistborn series, both from sanderson. My favourite books ever so far are The Witcher Series and A song of ice...
  10. althea

    The Rithmatist

    Has anyone read this yet? I am tempted to get it, because BS has the most amazing imagination, but it says it's for young adults as well as adults. That puts me off.
  11. mooselowe88

    Rhythm of War.....Excited much?

  12. The Imp

    Just finished Hero of Ages, should I read the rest of the Mistborn books?

    This post will contain spoilers for the first three books in the Mistborn series. If you haven't read them, especially Hero Of Ages, you should stop reading now. While I liked the first three books, I'm not sure if I like them enough to continue with the next 3 and then eventually the 7th and...
  13. Werthead

    Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson

    The Stormlight Archive Book 3: Oathbringer
  14. Galactic Bus Driver

    Oathbringer, Stormlight Archives book 3

    If your local library uses Overdrive for ebooks, "Oathbringer" may be available to place on hold. November seems a long time off, but it'll be even longer if you don't get on the hold list soon. :)
  15. elvet

    Free book download (for US and Canada only)

    I saw this on the Tor site. Download The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson for Free: March 23rd & 24th Only
  16. vonHelldorf

    The Sanderson Lectures

    Came across Brandon Sanderson not long ago. After reading up on him I found his series of lectures on Youtube. Looks like he's been doing this for a while so apologies if this is old news. I've found them tremendously helpful—virtually a full college/university course on creative writing with a...
  17. T

    Arcanum Unbounded

    I received this as a holiday gift. It is a collection of short stories that cross many of Brandon's worlds and some worlds I never heard of. I just finished the first story called "The Emperor's Soul" and really enjoyed it. Now I wish I had more vacation time so I could read more. It will...
  18. chongjasmine

    White sands graphic novel

    Is it good?
  19. Chris Guillory

    How I coincidentally visualize Dalinar Kholin

    So I started reading The Way of Kings at about the same time I started playing The Last of Us. Now when I picture Dalinar Kholin in my head, I see him as Joel from the game pictured here.
  20. R

    Mr Brandon Sanderson not getting the love?

    Hello all! I just joined Chronicles as an aspiring author and lifetime fan. Although I was a little surprised that Brandon Sanderson has had no recent threads and as such I thought I could perhaps entice some discussion. As most people I only discovered him when I completed the Wheel of Time...