brandon sanderson

  1. Margaret Note Spelling

    The Brandon Sanderson year

    (Don't worry too much! It was very entertaining.)
  2. The Imp

    Just finished Hero of Ages, should I read the rest of the Mistborn books?

    This post will contain spoilers for the first three books in the Mistborn series. If you haven't read them, especially Hero Of Ages, you should stop reading now. While I liked the first three books, I'm not sure if I like them enough to continue with the next 3 and then eventually the 7th and...
  3. Werthead

    Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson

    The Stormlight Archive Book 3: Oathbringer
  4. Galactic Bus Driver

    Oathbringer, Stormlight Archives book 3

    If your local library uses Overdrive for ebooks, "Oathbringer" may be available to place on hold. November seems a long time off, but it'll be even longer if you don't get on the hold list soon. :)
  5. elvet

    Free book download (for US and Canada only)

    I saw this on the Tor site. Download The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson for Free: March 23rd & 24th Only
  6. vonHelldorf

    The Sanderson Lectures

    Came across Brandon Sanderson not long ago. After reading up on him I found his series of lectures on Youtube. Looks like he's been doing this for a while so apologies if this is old news. I've found them tremendously helpful—virtually a full college/university course on creative writing with a...
  7. T

    Arcanum Unbounded

    I received this as a holiday gift. It is a collection of short stories that cross many of Brandon's worlds and some worlds I never heard of. I just finished the first story called "The Emperor's Soul" and really enjoyed it. Now I wish I had more vacation time so I could read more. It will...
  8. chongjasmine

    White sands graphic novel

    Is it good?
  9. Chris Guillory

    How I coincidentally visualize Dalinar Kholin

    So I started reading The Way of Kings at about the same time I started playing The Last of Us. Now when I picture Dalinar Kholin in my head, I see him as Joel from the game pictured here.
  10. R

    Mr Brandon Sanderson not getting the love?

    Hello all! I just joined Chronicles as an aspiring author and lifetime fan. Although I was a little surprised that Brandon Sanderson has had no recent threads and as such I thought I could perhaps entice some discussion. As most people I only discovered him when I completed the Wheel of Time...
  11. Shams

    BYU Creative Writing Lectures

    Hi everyone, Has anyone else here watched the Brandon Sanderson Creative Writing lectures on youtube? BYU has 2014's up and writeaboutdragons has 2012 and 2013. It would be interesting to compare notes with others who've studied them.
  12. Brian G Turner

    Best Brandon Sanderson fantasy?

    I haven't tried any of Sanderon's fantasy as yet - any suggestions as to which one would give a best sample of his best writing? :) Ideally, the first book in one of his series. :)
  13. chongjasmine

    Your favourite book?

    Of all the sanderson's books you read, which is your favourite?
  14. ratsy

    The Rithmatist Kindle sale

    I just saw a post from Brandon saying The Rithmatist was 1.39 on the Kindle in the UK today. I have read this book and it was one of the most original magic systems I've read. It's a YA and the plot was strong and it's a really cool story. Check it out!
  15. Juliana

    Brandon Sanderson YA novels

    I've been reading some of Sanderson's books for younger audiences; Alcatraz, which is middle grade, and Steelheart and The Rhythmatist which are YA, and was wondering if anyone else has read these. Alcatraz was fun, but I thought the other two were fantastic. For those who haven't read them...
  16. Werthead

    Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson

    The Stormlight Archive Book 2: Words of Radiance
  17. ratsy

    Words of Radiance

    So, the release date is here and gone. My copy is in transit to my house from Amazon. Any one else excited about this book? I am currently re-reading Way of Kings and loving it. I read too much to remember all the details of a massive book like that so I needed a refresh...glad I did...
  18. M

    alloy of law sequals?

    haveing finished the alloy of law it seames to leave hooks for sequals dose anyboddy know if they are going to be or was it a experiment that he decided not to persue? I must admit to likeing the book emesley I found the charatures fun and the combination of weston guns and fansty "magic" very nice
  19. N

    A way of kings ?'s. Spoilers.

    Ok. I just finished this book. Love it. It was just what I was looking for. I hve actually never read a series before that wasn't almost done. So this is new, not being able to get the next one right away and keep going. I have mistborn though, is it as good? Ok. My questions. Kaladin is...
  20. chongjasmine


    I rather enjoy the book elantris. Anyone of you have read it?