(Found) Alien universe where humans are powerful because of their high gravity world


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Jun 28, 2022
Hello All,

Can't find this story so looking for some help here.

Main character of the story was abducted by aliens and when he wakes up he is able to tear through his bonds and easily take over everything. The series in not serious and almost reads like a comedy.

male main character
abducted by aliens but all other aliens come from primarily low gravity worlds
part of a multi-book series
several alien races who all seem to be weak and incompetent
bad guys at the end of the series turn out to be other humans

Thanks for the help in finding this.

I'm pretty sure that high gravity was the cause of John Carter's super-strength on Mars in Edgar Rice Burroughs' novels, but I don't think the villains turned out to be other humans.

Thanks for the comment. Hoping for some more looks and possible suggestions.

In the opening sequence the aliens are flying away after some event (battle or found wreckage..) and the have an unconscious "creature". They scan it and marvel at the bone structure that looks like metal. The creature wakes up and basically tears through the restraints and is almost immune to their weapons. The creature is a standard human. The agree to leave him at the local spaceport and the stories start from there.


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