Judge Dredd: Year One


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Nov 6, 2008
Like most on these forums, i grew up on 2000AD and it's most famous son, Judge Dredd. I have to confess that i haven't read any of their strips for perhaps 25 years and i've recently found that i wanted to get back into it. I thought i'd give the books a try as that seems to be the adult way. I starting with Judge Dredd: Year One.

Judge Dredd Year One.jpg

Consisting of 3 stories of about 80 pages each, it's a quick read and ideal for those that haven't got that much reading time.

"City Fathers" by Matt Smith. (no, not that one.) Dredd races against time to stop a deadly drug from getting on to the streets.

"Cold Light of Day" by Michael Carroll. A shooting spree is being blamed on a decision Dredd made as a cadet five years ago.

"Wear Iron" by Al Ewing. An armed robbery at a stadium where the fatties are competing. Unusually, this one is from the perspective of the armed robber and Judge Rico Dredd. Our man Joe only appears at the end. This was my favourite of the three, but i did enjoy them all.

I was pleased to see that the humour that we often see in the strips is prevalent in the books. Block names are sometime hilarious and i laughed out loud at a store called "Discount of Monte Cristo"

If, like me, you fancy getting back into 2000AD i think this is a good way to go. I'll definitely be picking up more of the novelisations.
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Not this one.

I'm going to read a trio of Adrian Tchaikovsky short stories next then fully intend to go back for Year Two, Year Three and Judge Death.

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