August / September 100 Word Anonymous Challenge 2022 Discussion

Hmm, not many people have voted after 2 days. I went for Time to Wake Up and Apocalyptic Dusting, as they were both wonderfully quaint.
Honorable mentions to:
  • The misapprehension of...
  • No need to get excited
  • Breakdowns on a full moon
  • Pastimes
  • Global Waming
  • A.I. Companion
Thanks as always to the lovely Jo, @elvet, for hosting.
I always forget to participate in this challenge, but glad I remembered this time around. Thanks to elvet for hosting, and JsWiig for bothering to review everyone's stories.

I ended up voting for 'Comfort Zone Incorporated' and 'Out Of The Comfort Zone...Into The Fire' because they were the only two stories that included the topic in their titles.
On a more serious note...Both were well written and satisfying stories.
I found the lore behind CZI to be well crafted, believable, and interesting.
And I found the dialogue in OOTCZ...ITF to be both easy to follow and funny.
Honorable Mentions:
Out Of The Comfort Zone... Into The Fire
Comfort Zone Incorporated
Soft imprisonment
Rat in a maze

I voted for Time to wake up for a computer's attempt to put a positive spin on things and A.I. Companion for a futuristic approach to the dark side of false friendship.
Thanks again @elvet for another cracking 100 worder contest. Have been busy the last while so was late voting but had my eye on a few. If the author is reading this, It'd be good to get an explanation of Why We Can't Go Outside (seemed like something cool was going on but just couldn't get my head around it ...dystopian gin rummy?)

Anyways, almost voted for:

He's Behind You Would work really well as a comedy sketch ...and should also be easy to spot the author.

Global Warming Would have got my third vote in another edition of the contest -very good, and familiar.

Voted For:

Pastimes Not sure I fully understood this one but really liked something about it.
Would be cool to get a writers commentary once the mysterious author is revealed.

A.I. Companion
The comfort of wilfull ignorance; well written, and topical.

Well done all, and thanks for the stories (y)
Comfy runners-up
One space creature's luxury is another space creature's lowly hovel
Out Of The Comfort Zone... Into The Fire
Comfort Zone Incorporated
A Night Out
Apocalyptic Dusting

Comfortable votes
Breakdown on a Full Moon
Improbable Travels
Lots of great entries, but my votes go to :

Time to wake up

Breakdown on a Full Moon

Thanks again to elvet for running the show and JS Wiig for the reviews.
Many good stories and interpretations of the theme. Well done all! I felt in a mood for something humorous which probably leaned me more one way this time around.
Time to wake up
Out of the comfort zone
Comfort zone incorporated

AI Companion
Global warming
Voted for: Rat in a maze and A night Out.
But I must say for me, Breakdown on a Full Moon just gets funnier each time I read it!
Looking at the votes and short lists TD makes me...think.:unsure:
Lost track of the anon 100 this month — had another tale to add but missed the cut.

Still, lots to choose from.

My faves and votes:
  • Time to wake up
  • Comfort Zone Incorporated
  • A Night Out
  • Rat in a maze (vote)
  • A.I. Companion (vote)
Have a pleasant Sunday!
Short List:
Bedbug and Beyond
Comfort Zone Incorporated

My votes went to:
Time to Wake Up
Out of the Comfort Zone...Into the Fire
Unless someone comes through with a few more votes and a clear winner, it looks like another tie-breaker is imminent.

You have 1 vote and the Poll closes Saturday September 17 at 11:59 PM GMT.
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Tie-breaker a tough one, but ended up going with Time to Wake Up.
Congratulations to the winner!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>therapist
for A.I. Companion.

Many thanks to @JS Wiig for taking the time to do the commentaries.

For those interested in Guessing, here is the list of authors and the number of submissions for each:
Aknot 2
AnRoinnUltra 5
Astro Pen 1
BT Jones 1
chrispenycate 2
Daysman 3
elvet 1
Guttersnipe 2
JS Wiig 3
paranoid marvin 2
M. Robert Gibson 1
therapist 2
THX1138 5
Victoria Silverwolf 1

My next post will be a Spoiler Post for those not interested in playing the game.

This is the list of stories and authors for those who want to know who they voted for and DO NOT want to participate in the Guessing Game.
Comments about the stories are welcome, but please don't give away anything that may reveal the authors before they are correctly guessed.


He's Behind You - paranoid marvin
The Training Session - THX1138
Time to wake up - AnRoinnUltra
The EVA - THX1138
Bedbug and Beyond - THX1138
One space creature's luxury is another space creature's lowly hovel - AnRoinnUltra
Why We Can't Go Outside - Guttersnipe
The misapprehension of Sheriff Zalderbon Bongodrick - AnRoinnUltra
Fumigation - JS Wiig
Professor Schlotzsky - THX1138
Out Of The Comfort Zone... Into The Fire - paranoid marvin
No need to get excited, it's just a story - AnRoinnUltra
Comfort Zone Incorporated - BT Jones
Side Effects - JS Wiig
How to fool Zomboonicans - AnRoinnUltra
Breakdown on a Full Moon - Guttersnipe
Contentment - Victoria Silverwolf
Dimensions - M. Robert Gibson
Pastimes - Daysman
A Night Out - elvet
Apocalyptic Dusting - Aknot
As Always - Daysman
Attempt #3 - THX1138
Improbable Travels - Aknot
Room 21L - Daysman
But that was too hard… - chrispenycate
Soft imprisonment - chrispenycate
Rat in a maze - therapist
Global Warming - JS Wiig
Game Over - Astro Pen
A.I. Companion - therapist

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