August / September 100 Word Anonymous Challenge 2022 Discussion

He's Behind You - a look at what we’ll do for the boss

The Training Session. - shows us the ultimate way to get better at something

Time to wake up - why we shouldn’t vent to a machine that will take us literally
The EVA - implores us to consider “no harm, no foul”

Bedbug and Beyond - describes a different way to bathe

One space creature's luxury is another space creature's lowly hovel - a reminder to carefully research a guest’s tastes before the visit
Why We Can't Go Outside - a story of patience

The misapprehension of Sheriff Zalderbon Bongodrick - a satirical case of mistaken identity

Fumigation - shows us the lengths some will go to please their spouse
Thanks for doing the reviews JS Wiig, it's very much appreciated.

My pleasure! I find it rather enjoyable and it gives me a chance to dive a bit deeper into the stories. I also feel the challenges are a bit empty without the reviews so welcome the opportunity.
Professor Schlotzsky - instructs us that learning can be a treat

Out Of The Comfort Zone... Into The Fire - reveals why it’s so hard to find good help these days

No need to get excited, it's just a story - demonstrates a workable plot is secondary to witty dialog
Comfort Zone Incorporated - leads us in one end and out the other

Side Effects - acknowledges we can’t have the good without the bad

How to fool Zomboonicans - everybody knows no one likes Chugflankers, duh
Breakdown on a Full Moon - an expansion in the lineup of were-things

Contentment - a look at someone who doesn’t find solitary confinement punishing

Dimensions - hmm, maybe this place isn’t so bad after all!
Pastimes - creates a game night and historical research mashup

A Night Out - relates to a new normal

Apocalyptic Dusting - shows a negative side of tidiness
As Always - being an outsider can lead to being outside of disaster

Attempt #3 - miscommunications can be overcome by mutual attempts at understanding

Improbable Travels - an epic journey into the unknown
Room 21L - a peek at what goes on behind closed doors

But that was too hard… - sometimes in our travels we pick up unknown hitchhikers

Soft imprisonment - more proof those in charge know little of what their constituents truly need
Rat in a maze - an example of learned behavior

Global Warming - most plans look good on paper

Game Over - we all have to leave the nest eventually, whether we like it or not
A.I. Companion - max honesty mode should be password protected
Thanks everyone for sharing your stories, you know who you are even if I don’t.

And thanks as always to @elvet for hosting!

My votes this time around went to Rat in a maze and Game Over.

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