Sci-Fi and/or Fantasy book series, read in the early-mid 90's


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Jun 10, 2022


I'm trying to help my husband find these books he read when he was in middle or highschool (sometime between 92-95 is his best guess, he graduated in 97-he thinks they were from the 80's because his friend who lent them to him said his older brother had read them before, and he said there were at least 2 books, maybe 3. He thinks one of the covers was purple and black.). He doesn't remember much about the storyline but I'll list what he told me. He only remembers bits and pieces:

There is an atomic/nuclear incident on Earth, a boy (teenager) finds a magic portal and uses it to take people with radiation sickness through the portal to a magical world to rid them of the radiation then brings them back to Earth.
There are two swords with diamond shaped tips . Later in the story, the protaganist has one.
The boy creates a new planet with the Goddess of Creation of this magic place. He says that the world they were in (which he thinks was like a thin piece of land like an isthmus), this magic realm was in trouble- antagonists were threatening the Goddess and the magic realm. Making a new world with the Goddess was a main plot point. The boy watched the actual creation of the new magic world after he and the Goddess had relations.
He thinks the boy had a sibling but can't remember if it was a brother or sister.
He believes the magic portal was found via a ring or medallion.
I will edit if he thinks of anything else, thanks!

*It is NOT the Sword of Shannara series. It is NOT Tomorrow's Magic

It kind of sounds to me like the Pentagram series by Anthony Horowitz. The first book was called The Devils Doorbell (maybe that rings a bell lol). It was supposed to be a 5 book series, but he never finished it. Instead he re-made and altered the first series, called The Power of 5 (or Gatekeeper in America, not sure why the name change). Hopefully this helps.