(Found) YA Fantasy series (4+ books), set in 1990s-2000s, female protagonist whose family is all murdered & moonlight gives her powers


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Jul 6, 2020

The opening scene of one of the books in the series is at the protagonist's house at night. Her parents and brother have been murdered by shadowy dudes but she escapes out the window or something. She finds a group of girls/women who all have moon powers which she also has -- which is why these guys were after her. (I honestly cannot remember the main conflict... I just figure its because these evil dudes want to get rid of the moon girls). They are also powerless when there is no moon--I think- the shadowy dudes might also not be able to walk in moonlight. The girl is in her teens.

I weirdly remember the author being very specific about the clothing the girls were wearing when they went out... like they were always wearing tube-tops or with thin straps... made me think the book was written in the 90s. It was also set in an urban area/city. I think it was set in the US and I read it in English.

I read it in the library probably in 2012, but the book was old by then. I also think the book cover was black with the title in a bright color(ex. pink/green/purple). I also think it was a one-word title type deal with each book in the series, but it could have been two words. It just wasn't long.

I do not think they were vampires. It is NOT the book Marked.

Thank you for your help!!