Vikings Valhalla


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Jun 28, 2007
Watched the first episode and I sort of enjoyed it. This was always going to be a harder sell that the original series. We know far more about this era than Ragnar's time. So knowing the history quiet well it is taking a bit of time to get used to the following things

1. A grown up Canute. He was a youth at the time of the invasion of England which was lead by his father Sweyn Forkbeard

2. Harald Sigurdsson was but babe in 1016 and had a full life of adventure in Kievan Rus and the Byzantium Empire ahead of himself.

3. An older Elthelred the Unready. He was much younger.

4. And numerous other points. I know these are minor and pedantic. But the story of these times are exciting enough without making stuff up.
Five episodes in, I've become accustomed to the new characters.
My biggest surprise is how little seems to have changed in the century that has transpired. They say history repeats itself, which it certainly does on Valhalla in terms of its domestic and foreign conflicts. Then, maybe that's intended to make fans feel more comfortable with the new series.
If the Vikings have made any technical advances in the last century, they are not obvious to me -- maybe a new, more efficient oar design? :)
Finished first season. (y)(y)
Season two is already done and will be released in the Netflix stream next year. Season three has been greenlighted and will start production this spring. Vahalla was originally planned for 24 episodes but was split into three, 8-episode seasons.

I enjoyed this. Fairly simple plots but kept entertaining and quite fast moving. The strategy and attack on London was very compelling. I definitely will watch season 2.
Though it really lacks stand out characters like Lagertha!

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