Vikings vs Game of Thrones


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May 24, 2008
Which is better?

And yes I realise it's really too soon and Vikings isn't really a Fantasy, but Vikings is a story about change, which makes it "Speculative Fiction", yes? Also, we do have a Historical Books section. Besides, I saw it mentioned on "The Soup" ("Have you noticed that Vikings is one dwarf short of Game of Thrones?") so it's time, IMO.:rolleyes:

For my money it's Vikings. Thrones has some very original ideas and people but at least it's full share of cliches and hackneyed characters too. It has already jumped the shark in many ways and it's not even developed two of it's three major themes. There's also the fact that except for Arya and Sarsa, (who are probably dead already) I don't really CARE who Joffrey or anyone else kills. They're all just a bunch of pampered royals whose main sport is beating the most submissive peasants imaginable.

OTOH, I flat out LIKE Ragnar Lodbrok, but I won't mind seeing him killed as he probably will be, since that's the Viking way.

I also really enjoy that Viking's story hinges on a technical advance rather than being set in a world that has been frozen in medievalism for eight millenia, and finally I just love the device of having the entire history of our world (cause we all have a Northman in the woodpile somewhere,) largely dependent on the ideas of Floki, the Mad Scientist.
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Do you mean Loki the Trickster (aka the Aesir/Jotun) or Floki the fictional character who invents the ocean-going longship in the series Vikings?

Floki, TY, will edit. I have CH syndrome. ( bad hearing whenever it's convenient to excuse not paying attention)
He's an interesting character, both he and Ragnar are sort of "super-Vikings," responsible for lots of stuff that can't historically be ascribed to any one specific person. But it's fiction, so they are allowed to do that...

I'm an episode behind, but really loved the one from week before last...
Vikings, in part for the reasons above and because I can actually watch it on Hulu. It's also a great production. I don't particularly care about reading the books and knowing how this season's already going to end. :p

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