Spacex Mars animation

SpaceX have done it! They are now officially the masters of spaceflight animations.
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Common Sense Sceptic does a good job analysing the pitfalls of the Starship, especially if used for a Mars mission.

BTW I don't like being a professional pessimist but I really wish Musk would come up with something realistic. You need artificial gravity and Cosmic ray shielding for a Mars trip, and the tech to land a ship that size on the Martian surface hasn't yet been invented (no, shield, hypercone, parachutes and rockets aren't good enough). And how on earth do you build a city on Mars? And supply it? The ISS in LEO came with a pricetag of $150 billion and $3 billion per year upkeep and it doesn't normally accommodate more than 6 people.
What is the video supposed to do? Move me? Excite me? Inform me?
I thought it kind of underwhelming.
As an animation it was fairly blah. About mid 90s cgi. Apollo 13 looked better. I would have expected something closer to photo realistic rendering or at least less fake lenses flare...

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