Finally finished my second novel (Or novella)


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Sep 23, 2021
Well, I finally got it done. I took a few breaks (Flying and building freestyle FPV drones) I almost let it all slip away, but I forced myself back behind the keyboard and got it done. I can say taking time off is a bad thing to do. I had to read the last few pages a few times and still, it took me a bit to get back into it. Even then I hit a little wall for a few days.

Now I got to completely reformat fill in missing descriptions, and edit the living sh*t out of it all, but at least the easy part is over.
I'm going to edit it in google docs. I use focus writer in old school mode with green letters on a black background to write in a dark room it keeps me focused on my writing since all I see is words on a screen, but I will be doing all the real work on more normal software.
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That's a major accomplishment. Well done. Good luck with the many rewrites. The fun part is over. ;)

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