Legends Collide: The Second Book of Legends

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May 11, 2018
Hi everyone,

I'm proud to say that I have released Legends Collide, the second book in my trilogy. I launched it on Monday and have achieved Best Seller status on Amazon.com and am maintaining Best New Release status at the moment. I'm excited to see how it does once the initial excitement dies down.


Unless Peran and his friends can uncover the secret to stop the war, thousands will die. But will they find out in time?

Fearing Peran may trigger another Quarter War, the Opposers want him gone, and even in the confines of Amicas Academy he fears each day may be his last. After an attempt on his life sees a friend almost killed, Peran leaves for Rifton to seek out the secret that could stop the next war.

With his close friends and a ghoster for company, he fights to survive the perilous journey. But when they arrive in Rifton, all is not as it seems in the outer settlement, and Peran must risk his life to find out the truth.

Together they discover Vahuka, the enemy Stoneborn, is already gathering her army to conquer their lands. But will they find out how to stop her in time?

You can find it here:

The first book got good reviews and I'm told the second is better so I hope you enjoy it if you give it a try.


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