Blade of Sacrifice - A Worthy Successor


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Oct 16, 2021
My name is Mariusz Korzak and I invite all science fiction fans to check out my debut novel titled: Blade of Sacrifice - A Worthy Successor.

Especially people who love adventure and action-packed novels. Anyone who would like to immerse themselves in the Futuron universe I invented and learn about the extraordinary adventure of former Special Forces soldier Robert Agesa. A person who takes part in a dangerous expedition to rebuild his shattered military career. An expedition during which he will have to risk his life. All this is in order to learn about the main goal, which is only a prelude to what will happen to him in the following chapters of the book. Therefore, according to the independent and professional review I have, this is a war book, and in places an anti-war one. It does not lack psychological elements. The plot is very interesting and can positively surprise the reader several times. However, anyone who decides to read it must remember one thing:

"Who will know the name of the erased, itself will be erased!"

If that hasn't convinced you to reach for my book, I've included the first chapter below for your perusal :)

The book is available in paperback as well as electronic form. Blade of Sacrifice - A Worthy Successor Blade of Sacrifice - A Worthy Successor


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I'm making the first chapter of my debut book Blade of Sacrifice - A Worthy Successor available as a PDF, and I invite everyone to comment and share any thoughts you may have. I won't duplicate the information I included in the promotional post, so I'm including a link where you can read a description of the novel. I'll point out right away that the first chapter is almost 8700 words, and the entire book is over 200,000. I'll add that the book was originally written by me in my native language, i.e. Polish (font Arial 12, leading 1,15, number of pages 364). I translated it into English, of course. When I tried to publish it on Amazon, I got almost 700 pages, so I had to reduce the font size of the paper version to get something around 335 pages :)


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